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WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-11-27 13:42:44 »
Hi everyone
Report the progress of work so far
I reflected Tifa in the game and tested it.
Since it is difficult to process the skirt, it seems necessary to correct it
The model itself doesn't look bad.

Tifa's expression has been slightly modified,
Should I fix it a little more?
There is no big change even if I fine-tune it, but I'm curious.

As I expected, Tifa finished faster than Cloud.
But another problem occurred.

I never thought that the graphic of Tifa's weapon would be shared with the right hand model.
Thanks to you, my work has increased. I'm still working on it...

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-10-30 16:09:45 »
Posted by: orichalcon

>this looks really good - and it an excellent idea, looks like an anime version of Cloud

>if you need help with releasing the mod - if nothing else, you can message me and i'll walk you through it

Thank you very much.
at that time please

It will take many more months to complete all the characters, so as I said before, I would like to release a prototype version after completing a few.

For the time being, I plan to make Yuffie after Tifa,
I would like to release Yuffie once and have everyone play it.

Posted by: obesebear

>Looks really cool!

Thank you very much.

Well then, I'll reveal Tifa's progress

Modeling is almost complete.
As expected, it was finished earlier than Cloud, but it took time to model the detailed parts.

For the lower body, I used an illustration from Dissidia as a reference, just like Cloud.
The shoes are also modeled based on the illustrations of Dissidia, and the textures are also used as a reference.

I was particular about modeling the legs.
The legs in the original are simple, but I made them thicker to match the taste of the G-bike illustration.

And my legs are getting longer. Since the upper body is smaller than the original model, the ratio of the legs is relatively increased.

Next is the introduction of the upper body.

Since there is no picture of the front, I still had trouble with the face.
This image is still not perfect
It's almost finished, but...

Tifa's expression is a little gentler in the illustration, so I'd like to fix the texture and make it even closer to the illustration.

As you can see, the texture of the hair is still incomplete. It was difficult to draw, so it was postponed ...

Illustration and model comparison.
After all, the expression is a little different, so I want to fix it, but this is quite difficult.

Well, as for the expression, Cloud was more dissatisfied
Tifa is still good though.

After that, the reflection of the ambient light is drawn on the texture as a whole.

And when Tifa is completed, I will make Yuffie.
Yuffie will also receive a follow-up report, so please look forward to it!

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-10-02 15:25:42 »
>Posted by: pojino
I like your model, it's beautiful and remind me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure somehow

Thank you
It reminds me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Also, somehow it looks like Lightning from FF13.

>Problem is it's stand out too much and not blend well in the game's environment. Which are normal when there are different art style between playable characters, NPC, monsters, vehicles and backgrounds.

I agree.
Especially FF7 monsters have almost no texture,
The sense of incongruity is amazing when lined up with this model.

If I have the time and space, I'd like to add some work to the monsters as well...

Posted by: Salk

>Good job!

Very interesting style.

thank you!
As for the current progress, Cloud's texture has been slightly modified, and the shading on the face has been softened a bit.

And now I'm working on Tifa.
After all, it takes time to make the front face.

I don't know if there are any requests, but I'm thinking of releasing it when some models are completed.
I don't know how to do it, so I would appreciate it if you could teach me at that time.

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-09-27 14:26:59 »

Since the illustration of Gbaike is only drawn on the upper body,
For the lower body, I used my imagination and an illustration from Dissidia as a reference.
Originally, the illustration drawn by Mr. Nomura,
Very few are drawn from the front. Therefore, it took a lot of trial and error to model the front angle of the face while making the most of the atmosphere of the illustration.
I think that Cloud's handsome and androgynous eyes have managed to reach a decent degree of perfection, but I feel that there is still a step to go.

The part where the shadow part shines bluish-white due to the reflection of the ambient light is like an illustration.
Just like the popular two-dimensional painting (二次元塗り)that makes a 3D character figure look like an anime character, I purposely fixed the light source and made it look like the illustration shows shadows and reflections behind it.

After some trial and error, I tried to introduce this model into the game.

I didn't think it would be so difficult to match the size of each part.

Looking at it again, I feel like my arms are too thick. I also feel that the texture of the right arm is too realistic. It may be better to use a simpler coloring method to make it look like an illustration or two-dimensional.

Perhaps because the shadows of the texture of the face are too strong,
The faces of the in-game models look a little more realistic.

I wonder if textures with a little more shading would make it look more like an illustration?

It was a shock when I found out that the contour lines added with modifiers during modeling were not displayed in-game!

Looking at it from this angle, I think the ambient light is a little too conspicuous.
However, I feel that two-dimensional painting is not overdoing it.
Whether this is good or not, I think this is a part where people can tell their preferences.

For the time being, Cloud was reflected in the game.
However, it is more difficult than I thought to reproduce the illustration of the G bike, which is halfway between the illustration and the real thing.
Especially the lower part of the body is difficult because it is supplemented by imagination.

As I wrote before, Tifa has a simpler outfit than Cloud, so I want to finish it faster than Cloud!

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-09-25 15:58:00 »
thank you!
I'm glad you got a response!
The cloud is almost finished, but it took some time.
It was a work using blender that I'm not used to, but it was very helpful in terms of UV because it was based on nino's model.

However, most of the modeling took time because it was touched up.

Also, data diversion is not applicable, so I had a hard time there as well.
In the case of Tifa, I think that there will be more parts to work on the UV surface by myself than Cloud.

However, the clothes and hairstyle are simpler than Cloud, so it seems that the work will be completed quickly.

I would like to post the image of the cloud here at a later date
And I'd love to hear other people's impressions

WIP / New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-08-30 14:06:12 »
I'm a beginner with a lot of things I don't understand about blender and mods, but for the time being I'll continue with the policy!

WIP / New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-08-28 14:12:34 »
I'm new to mods.

I'm making a mod based on the illustration Mr. Nomura wrote for FF7 GBIKE.

I'm also a blender beginner, so I'm making a low-poly model that I got somewhere a few years ago through trial and error.

Hopefully all characters want to make mods with G Bike designs

What we are building now is the cloud.

I still want to make detailed adjustments to bring out the atmosphere of the illustration.

Next time I want to make Tifa.
Next, I want to make Yuffie, Aerith, Bullet, and Cid in that order.

Troubleshooting / Re: kimera can't load textures
« on: 2022-08-28 13:35:51 »

Last time, I posted about errors caused by Kimera.
Specifically, it will be in a state like the image.
As a result, the newly created model will be a pure white model with no textures.

What we are building now is the cloud.

So I have absolutely no idea how this mod will work in the game or how it will be represented.

If you don't know the cause of the error,
I would like someone to take over the work after kimera.

Troubleshooting / kimera can't load textures
« on: 2022-08-27 00:35:07 »
Right now, I'm making a model that is close to the design of Tetsuya Nomura.

It is made based on the illustration at the time of the G bike.

However, when I load a P file into kimera, textures cannot be read. Error 481 is given.

Choosing to change or add texture also results in error 481. What causes error 481?

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