Author Topic: FF7 weapon bone miscalculated after adding new animation  (Read 381 times)


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I am a bit desesperate so I hope there is still someone who can help.
Simply, I add new animations to a da with hex editing, and after a few miss and try things are getting better.

Except with the weapon of the model, aqaa if it's relevant, in game the said weapon, the bludgeon\club is flying\disapearing\jumping around as soon as any new animation has been added to the DA file.
Screens if it help:

I can't find any reason within the DA for this behavior of the weapon, yet if it's the vanilla file without new animation it's all good, I add a new animation, it's not. Oh and in kimera every frame look fine. I didn't use "compute weapon" either, I tried on a backup to see if it solved the issue, but it didn't.
I also update the AA\skeleton with the appropriate numbers of both body and weapons animations. Any idea?

Edit, sorry, just when I finally decide to ask, I find a thread with the path to my answer:

1: Yes, that's because weapons actually have their own animations, for player model characters they are offset by 0x34 within the **da files (and this is, unfortunately, how the battle engines finds them). If you want the weapon to animate, then you will need to repack a corresponding weapon animation at index 0x6 + 0x34.

Thanks to quantumpencil. The search function never found this thread for me, oh well.

Edit2, sorry again, I just don't understand what the logic\pattern is and where I am supposed to place the weapon animations after all. If in fully working aqda vanilla the first body animation start à offset 04(hex), and it's corresponding weapon animation start at offset 1410, I don't see what Quantumpencil meant at all... All I get is that there must be a very strict positionning in the hexa, but what is it's logic\calculation?
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