Author Topic: [PSX] FF7 Kernel modification  (Read 2019 times)


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[PSX] FF7 Kernel modification
« on: 2019-11-03 15:20:23 »

I've already ask a question long time ago about kernel modification for PSX version of FF7. But I've lost the topic with the answers some guys gave me.

I remember I can't overpassthe initial size of kernel.bin (22 184 ko) or I'll get a black screen after the "PS" logo screen and nothing more.
I remember there is a tips to launch the PS1 game with the kernel.bin without problem but I must change some values with a hex. editor or something like that. I don't remeber what I must change exactly to get a working hack version if the kernel.bin have more that the initial 22 184 ko.

Thanks for anybody who can help me.

PS : I've found a soft that let possibility to break the 9999 HP/MP/Damages for the PSX version but I remember it was for german version only. I'm not sure it really works with all versions.

PS2 : I'm french (sorry if my english is not very good), then I play with french version. ;)