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New Threat mod crashes.


I used this mod months ago and everything worked fine. I just redownloaded and updated everything and now everytime I open the item tab in the menu the game crashes. Anyone else have this issue? Everything else works fine.

Sega Chief:
If opening the menu results in a crash, that's typically due to an issue with the EasyHook that 7th Heaven uses to insert executable changes for some users (it's a security issue). A couple other users ran into it in the past. I'd recommend visiting the Qhimm Discord and trying to get support for that there, as there were a few steps to take to try and get EasyHook working on some machines.

Alternatively, if nothing works out for getting EasyHook to work, I can provide a hextless IRO that has no .exe changes. Won't fix the underlying issue, but it'll at least make it playable.

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