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Unrelated: in Shinra Mansion's basement, when you go to collect Vincent, the music there is supposed to keep on playing during random battles in the area, but it's getting muted during the battles.

It isn't, actually. It's supposed to play the battle theme just as normal, but on PC the AKAO frame for that field (fields?) is broken and that's why in vanilla it doesn't play. The audio replacement probably just has a different fallback method for such an error, it being to cut the music out.

Dude's very first post is to necro something from four years ago?  WTF?

The internet takes all kinds.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Article 13 Passed
« on: 2019-03-28 21:57:04 »
The EU is becoming - and has intentions of being - an empire.

It already is, for all intents and purposes.

Sure, on paper, we have the voting power but don't think for a second the crooked bureaucrats don't have loopholes in the system that allow the same old bastards to remain in power for as long as they choose to.

If the UK finally manages to pack up and gtfo, I congratulate. I wish my country could abandon this diseased ship too, but the problem is we did explicitly join the Union as it stands so we're deeper in the crap. I don't see us getting a fire escape, we'd have to fire and then escape.

In the case of 1998, ff7input.cfg is the file you want. Not sure why you insist on Xpadder though, since you say the native inputs are going through just as well. You're adding an extra gear to a mechanism that doesn't need it.

It wasn't recorded in battle, I recorded it in Chocobo farm with the sound test script you made. (was it you? Or am I remembering things)

At any rate, I think it's safe to say Mednafen produces satisfactory results; it may not be 100% accurate, and it probably never will be, (there is a line where perfection transitions into a fool's errand) but it's accurate enough. Certainly more accurate than whatever was originally put into the PC ports.

Oooh ok. Yeah I think I've got your sound test script stashed away somewhere, just need to burn it on disc and fire away.

Hm, that's interesting. The difference between Mednafen and PS2 is practically negligible as far as the human ear can distinguish it, but oddly enough, the waveforms are noticeably different. Here is the same sample recorded from a PS2, if you want to see for yourself.

Lmao I can't even remember where that sound is from. Is it FF7 or FF8, and where might I be able to play that sound alone without other noise?

Not necessarily. Any high-quality RCA cable should be enough for PS1 sounds, since they aren't really that top-notch to require a higher bandwidth. Just a matter of having the hardware to capture it. Although obviously, SPDIF would be the most professional way to do it and it would ensure the recording will be as clean as possible.

Do you have a recorded sample from Mednafen available? I'd like to draw my own comparison just for the conclusion, if nothing else.

Emulator recording is not preferred for accuracy though, because there still isn't even one emulator (or plugin) in existence that successfully replicates the PSX reverb 1:1. The closest one is the open source edition of Pete's DSound plugin, but even that sounds very flat when compared to the real hardware.

If I remember correct, PCSX2 devs have noted this and are planning to implement hardware-accurate reverb, but that one can't even run a PS1 game past the main menu yet, so that won't be an option for a while still.


I watched the most recent part of that Kotaku translation venture, and it came up that Heidegger's JP name is actually closer to Heidecker. I actually checked just for shits and giggles, but sure enough, even a bad translator translates ハイデッカー (Haidekkā) into High Decker. I'm curious, because the database only links to the Martin Heidegger wikipedia page, but gives no other reasoning for keeping the name Heidegger. What are your thoughts on this?

4chan is a cancer site made by retards for retards, i hope they're the next to fall after NeoGAF.

Lol I just wanted to say the same, there's a reason 4chan is commonly known as the "Sewer of the internet", and the people there are hardly qualified to judge a project of this scale in any way. In fact, they have shown time and time again that they can't have an intelligent conversation about anything, so never mistake 4chan posts as public opinion.

There are people like us, who more than appreciate the fact that someone is willing to pick up the missing pieces and complete the work that greedy publishers or the like prevented from being finished properly.

Does it actually do anything in the vanilla game if you do go near the tower?

In any case, that is shocking news on so many levels. :P Hue hue

(I'll show myself out now)

It's not 100% consistent. Very likely to happen against bosses though, based on what I gathered from searching some of the old posts here. Apparently, the first fight with Ultima Weapon is the most common reported time, but I'm going to assume that's just because people coincidentally tend to have Cid's Limit Level at 2 at the point in the story, (unless they had been grinding it before) so the issue just happens to surface there more often.

By the way, it just occurred to me, but have you done anything regarding Cid's Hyper Jump sometimes crashing the game? I'm not entirely sure if it's PC-exclusive, but I don't remember encountering that on PSX ever. I couldn't find this in the database, so I think it best to bring it up now rather than late, just in case.

Oddly enough, the crash almost definitely has to do something with the Death status, because the crashes stopped once I removed the status from the attack.

Yeah but I am talking about the dimensions.   Not the file size.

That's what 4k and 8k and such stand for. Approximate pixel count across the horizontal axis. I, for one, hate those terms because they're really not what texture resolutions should be called.

Out of curiosity, Kal, how many polygons are in that shadow model?

CDmage can import individual files back in place, without changing the structure of the ISO. The new kernel can't be longer than the old one, so be mindful about that. Shorter files are just fine, because it will just pad the missing bytes with zeros.

If Cloud teaches us anything, it's that shaking a sword around in your stomach is no big deal.

Yeah. Just look at the scene where Sephiroth stabs him. It's like a damn reciprocating saw :P

Misc. Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.1 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-19 13:36:36 »
Oh, right, yes. The PSX Reverb is very elusive even to this day and age. There is no emulator yet that can replicate it accurately, even though many claim so - in reality, they are using Pete's Reverb, which is the next best thing, but not entirely accurate.

Apparently, once PCSX2 has completed the support for PSX emulation, it will be the first one to generate a reverb that closely resembles the effect produced by the real hardware.

Misc. Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.1 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-19 13:08:28 »
It works pretty much exactly as expected now. It even notices the tiniest pops and clicks that Audacity doesn't.

Out of curiosity, what is the "With Reverb" option meant for?

Misc. Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.0 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-19 01:23:50 »
Heh, it works like a charm.  8) Although I did remember the sound's length a bit wrong. It's more like 0.05s.

Curious thing, though. It states that the wav has 659 samples, yet Audacity says it has 1319. Audacity, however, produces only silence on playback because its handling of short sounds is so bad.

Misc. Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.0 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-19 00:37:03 »
0.01s is so small as to not even be a proper sound. Thats 441 samples. Even the smallest blip in ff7 has 1700ish. What on earth ate you trying to play

Eh, I'm not actually doing anything FF7-related. I'm making a custom chaingun sound for another game I like to mod.

Imagine a chaingun that fires every 0.03 seconds, and each discharge calls a sound effect. It's quickly going to clog things up, and likely prevent other sfx from being played at the same time; this is very much unwanted for 3D sound. The more efficient way to do it is to create a very short sample that can be looped to give the illusion of an insanely fast fire rate. It leaves room for other sfx, and saves that tiny bit of sound bank memory, which is awfully limited in the game in question.

Misc. Tools / Re: TestLoop v1.0 [Test OGG audio loops]
« on: 2017-07-18 12:48:36 »
So, you're saying this could even properly play back samples that are shorter than 0.01s? If so, this could definitely make my life easier, when mono support is complete, of course.

Also, happy birthday, for whatever a few words on the internet are worth. :P

Was this present on PSX?

The Soldier animation bug? Yes.

The animations themselves function, they just look a bit choppy. Soldier 1st uses the first step of 4x-cut instead of the normal 03 slash animation for his physical attack which is why he ends up standing very close to the player party after the attack; like Hojo's combo, only the fourth attack 'returns' the actor to their starting position.

I took a gander at the AB file. 03 is definitely meant for the normal attack, and it does function as intended. 4xCut uses script 06, which uses different anims for delivering the attack, but it ceases all actions after the first slash because there is an EE right after the animation. EE returns the actor to Idle state, so the attack is cut short and he doesn't return to original spot either  (The EE is there after the other slashes as well.)

This is an easy fix tbh. Just need to clean up the garbage that's stopping the script from executing completely, and add an E5 right before the last EE so the enemy returns to his correct position.

Edit: Actually, the E5 is already there where it belongs. Only some cleanup is required.

Edit2: And it is done. Took me 5 minutes to do it, lol. Do test it out though, because I can't at the moment.

WIP / Re: [FF7PC] The Bug Database - post bug reports here
« on: 2017-07-03 20:06:40 »
I couldn't find this in the database, so just to make sure; has the Soldier First and Second classes' multi-slash attack been fixed? It was always broken in the vanilla game, since the enemies' animation scripts for that attack are incomplete.

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