Author Topic: FF8 new story+monster tweaks  (Read 2692 times)


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FF8 new story+monster tweaks
« on: 2015-05-05 05:20:15 »
Hello qhimm
After all the mods for the ff8-steam ver from graphic to music improvement the only thing left is the game play aspect, I'm up to make a whole new interesting level of game play by
1- Changing bosses tactics and farming material to defeat specific bosses
2- I will also change some dialogues and fix all monster levels hence you cant farm visage in disk 1 to reach level 100 easily
3- Also lion heart will be obtained by defeating ultima weapon and omega weapon will grant the players a very useful items to defeat ultimicia (as the original game defeating omega weapon gives nothing so why bother?)
4- Every boss become more intelligent and gives a challenge some bosses are accompanied with sub mobs which requires a tactical approach
5- Some of the GF abilities will be removed and put on other higher tier GFs killing mobs will be rewarding thus you will not feel like skipping random battles 

  But that will take alot of time for me doing it alone thats why im asking for some help here (dont worry even if you dont know how to do it i will teach you so we can both work together) im waiting for you, contact me in Steam my steam name is volvania or [email protected] or message me here in qhimm and add your steam name THANKS!! for reading people.  :lol:


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Re: FF8 new story+monster tweaks
« Reply #1 on: 2015-05-05 07:54:58 »
For changing enemy stats use IFRIT:
For editing bosses enemy structure (this is adding additional enemies to fight alongside boss) you need to work on scene.out:
For editing map events (scripts) use (Script tab)

BTW> This is my 100th post. :)