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Well hell... Now enemies are completely invisible and tifas face is black lol... It's a mess.

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Yeah, the "Cloud" (;)) saving isn't really worth it, especially since it's so buggy right now.

However, I for one *very* much want the achievements. I know that some hardcore players may think they're "stupid" and unnecessary, but to each their own. The achievements are pretty much the only reason that I bothered buying the game on Steam. After all, I already own the original PS1 disks (which work perfectly fine on my 2006 fat PS3), not to mention I paid an additional $10 to download it on PSN when I got too lazy to insert the disks... lol.

Actually, I also bought the Steam version because I heard that there were these glorious mods. :D

Anyway... it looks like I'll have to play through this game at least twice now so that I can get the achievements too. ;)

You could always make a list of the actual acheivments and check them off as you get them in the modded version. ;)

I have installed and played through bootlegged ffvii a few diffferent times now in the past year or two probably by now and it has always just worked for me and I've never had to ask questions (also it's f'in brilliant and I can't play ffvii without all these mods now) but anway, this particular time that i've downloaded all the mods and installed it, enemey battle texture are absent. they are just black naked polygons (well I guess if the polygons were naked you wouldn't see them at all) but they are just black figures... comrad textures and field textures are fine... perhaps it is my fault. I'm running bootleg again just incase... but bootleg mod list says im missing no mods... i'll continue to play around with some setting and things.

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