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FF1 Fan Remake/Orchestration [In development]

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Hello, I've never posted here, but I found your site on a whim and thought you all might be interested in what I've been working on for the past few months. I'm hoping to make a completed "fan remake" of FF1, but if I never get as far as the (albeit minor) graphics/code edits, I'd at least like to build a complete audio mod, likely for the PSX remake.

I'm doing this because I'm grossly dissatisfied with the remakes' music. So I'm either pulling from existing orchestral recordings, or -- for most of it -- creating new orchestrations from scratch.

Below, you'll find the orchestrations I've done so far. Perhaps the coup de grace is the Epilogue Theme, which I only just now completed.

(also sorry I wish I knew how to embed Bandcamp in BB code)

TL;DR I made new orchestrations for FF1 music check it out

FF1HD - Epilogue
FF1HD - Airship
FF1HD - ALL Battle Themes (playlist)

I also have videos as a proof of concept, but I doubt you guys really need to see them, since you get the idea. All that stuff is floating around on this Tumblr page I made. But it's really not all that fancy. Anyway I feel a little gross telling everybody to indulge themselves in my work so Imma stop now.

ok thanks baiiii

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Ok, first off, sorry for bumping this thread when I'm not much of a participant in this forum. Second off, I am bumping with new content. Below I'm posting a Bandcamp playlist of


Be sure to check out Marsh Cave, Sunken Shrine, Floating Castle, and Temple of Fiends (Revisited), as these are original orchestrations by myself. The others are pulled from existing recordings (I do like how Gurgu turned out though, after some manipulation). I've also plussed the Epilogue (posted above), so check out at least the last couple minutes of that track if you haven't already.

Thirdly, and most importantly, question: how would I go about modding the PS1 remake of FF1?
It seems that simple methods have been developed for plebs like me to mod FF7, but none for FF1 (PS1) as far as I can tell. I just want to do an audio mod, but if minor sprite modification is possible, that would be great too. I appreciate any help, really and truly, and have no idea where else to inquire on this subject.

This is some pretty good stuff. I can't bring myself to enjoy the game itself (or in fact any of the NES FFs), but your orchestrations are excellent.

Hey thanks! I will say that one intention of my mod will to make the remakes a little more accessible, at least aesthetically, so hopefully I can spread the FF1 gospel a little wider and change a few minds (like yours). But we'll have to wait and see I guess. Cant get very far until I actually figure out how to mod the game in the first place.


--- Quote from: monsieur_madeleine on 2015-05-18 16:22:35 ---Thirdly, and most importantly, question: how would I go about modding the PS1 remake of FF1?

--- End quote ---
You'd better try it with the 20th Anniversary Edition for the PSP, for a number of reasons, like:
I'm fairly positive it will be easier to port them there as AT3 encoded files than on the PSOne version, and that PSP version is the best one out there right now.

Now, I'll proceed to listen to your work.


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