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Hi. I'm a big fan of audio mods, and was wondering if it would be possible with the recently released Steam version of FFV. I decided to investigate a little bit; This may be common knowledge to people here, but I wanted to share my findings in case it isn't. The audio is stored in Final Fantasy V\resources\wav; while the files are obviously not titled, the order follows the order of the Sound Test feature accessible from the title screen. I've tried replacing files with .ogg and .wav audio (renamed to .dat) and they both worked. I don't know anything about programming or even what goes into looping audio files correctly, but basically I was wondering if anyone more experienced could let me know if something like RaW, for example, would be do-able for this version of FFV.

I get paid on Wednesday. I might be able to look into this then, depending how big my paycheck is.

Recently Final Fantasy V arrived on steam and there´s already a mod that lets replace the sprites, but since no one has tried to mod the soundtrack i decided to give it a try.

The audio files are located in RESOURCES\WAV, the ones that start with "snd0" are the music files. Now all of these are WAV files that have a custom header, to be able to play them on vlc foobar etc, just open an hex editor go to the first offset and delete every string and save the file as .WAV, this will help you know which files are the ones you are looking to replace since the order of these is different from the ingame music player.

To replace the overworld song (snd0_4), for example, open it on an hex editor and look at the first offset (http://i.imgur.com/og5ZsOV.png)  copy those strings, now the file that you want to put in the game has to be WAV or OGG( i haven´t tested other formats other than mp3 and that one crashes the game), open it with an hex editor and paste insert the strings just before the "riff" (http://i.imgur.com/ZoTEQlf.png?1), next select "save as" and make sure you add .DAT at the end of your file and click ok. Then rename your file to same name as the file you ´re trying to replace, in this case its "snd0_4.dat" and paste that file on the "WAV" folder.

That´s all, the only problem is that the song will cut at some parts because the loop is unchanged, i was hoping that someone here would know how to edit that

You beat me to it, as soon as i finished my thread this one shows up, might as well delete the other one and discuss here

Im gonna post here what part of the file makes it loop

Every file starts with mtxs and the strings after that are what controls the looping, every music file has a different one, but theres a pattern after the mtxs you got 3 random bytes then 00 then another 3 random bytes then 00 then 3 random bytes then 00 , the pattern is like this (XY XY XY 00 XY XY XY 00 XY XY XY 00) if you replace the XYs with 00s the music never loops and instead starts over.

FFV on iOS/android and PC suffers from the same bug that was on FFX on PS4 before being patched... the music starts over every time you come back from a battle instead of continuing from where it left off, this did not happen on the SNES version

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