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This mod was a huge letdown. Easily the "worst" gameplay mod I played for a FF title (balance wise). It's not downright bad but it doesn't really fix vanilla game issues and adds a few more glaring balance problems.

I did 100% lionheart difficulty including new sidequests, etc. No cheese strat. Which means no aura / invicibility / no limit break cheese (no intentional low hp, or life / phoenix instead of full life etc, overall I think I used less than 10 limit breaks total for bosses and a few for some testing on trash mobs). No farming of stats up / devouring mobs for stats. Team was Squall, Zell, Rinoa. Didn't bother leveling the rest till I was done with the game to check their stat growth which made me realize even more how trash Zell is in this mod.

First of all, character balance strictly speaking, well there is simply no balance at all. Zell is pure trash, Quistis / Selphie / are okayish. Irvine is trash early / mid (due to lack of STR / MAG, his SPD doesn't compensate due to how damage formula works in FF VIII) and good at late game if you make use of his limit break, I don't think he can reach 255 mag without stat farming and a single mag ability which also makes him inferior to other mages.

So I feel like it needs to be asked, did you playtest properly your mod or did you just test segments with artifically leveled characters ? Roughly during the whole game Rinoa (and Selphie to some extent) can keep up their MAG stat to close enough the same value Zell / Squall  have in STR with proper junctions and upgraded weapons. Why does it matter ? Because under any circumstance an equal value in MAG to STR will make decent spells deal more damage than a normal attack. Which is hilarious with late game spells and various buffs.

At 255 MAG a high tier spell (flare, meteor, ultima ; which are easy to farm since you can draw them from mobs in esthar excepted ultima you have to refine from a fixed encounter in esthar which is slightly more annoying but still pretty easy) will deal more damage than an attack with 255 STR. Except that well ... you can triple cast. Which means your mage now deals roughly 4 times the damage of your STR character. But it doesn't stop there. A single GF has auto haste and I haven't found a single source of Accelerator since card refining was also changed. There might be a convoluted way to farm it via mugging a vysage and refining lightweights excepted I couldn't get any vysage to spawn, all fights were hands only so idk. Which means you'll obviously set the auto haste on your mage which deepens the gap between a MAG and STR character even more. (Self casting haste is often a waste of time between slows / stops and missed damage opportunity + the oppression of some bosses).

So what tools do STR characters have to compete with MAG ? Cheese strats with auras / crisis limit break which is stupid imo. The whole limit break system should be reworked but w/e I get it it's not easy and not the point of the mod. Though Zell limit break downright sucks compared to Squall / Irvine. So what's left ? Darkside ? Yeah it could be decent since it triples your attack damage. Except it was nerfed in several ways. It consumes 1/3 of your hp which is not a risk you want to take at any point due to boss patterns. The fact that almost every boss that isn't human can't be drained (thus you can't regen with drain linked to status attack with physical attacks) doesn't help darkside case. Second nerf is that there's only one GF that now learns it. Meaning your second STR character won't even that option.

The only other option STR chars have to dish a bit more damage is to use the counter ability. Which is pretty much useless anyway since most bosses spam much more spell based abilities which doesn't trigger counter.

There's literally no upside to not have 2 MAG character on your team with Squall. The fact that they can output 4 times the damage of a STR character while having an easier time to heal through Shell and maintaining buffs cause you want triple anyway just completly destroys the balance. There is also not a single boss that has a high enough SPR to make STR characters more viable. Not one. There's 2 bosses in the whole game that has the ability to alternate between immunity to magic and physical damage. One can be cheesed with Diablos and the other one can be killed before the magical ward with a single MAG character (or worst case scenario can be stalled).

The balance between MAG and STR is so terrible that my Squall against end game bosses with 255 STR and 122 MAG was dealing more damage with a triple flare than with a physical attack .. which is completly stupid.

The other huge issue is that sentence from the changelog :

Tweaks to the enemy AI have been made as well. For example, enemies now skip their turns less frequently

The thing is in vanilla game the bosses were balanced (at high levels) around skipping turns for unpredictability but also for breathing room. It means the time between two attacks was variable and sometimes they were very agressive and sometimes more passive, letting you buff back / heal if you made mistake. It also diluted the RNG of a single character focus. With that change in Ragnarok (and especially Lionheart) some bosses have a crazy fast ATB and will always attack every X seconds depending on their SPD.

It causes many issues such as :
- Some bosses have crazy high ATB (which is the case of Ifrit, supposed to be a tutorial boss, literally impossible to kill without abuse if you go straight there without grinding in Lionheart)
- Higher ATB speed in general leads to two problem. When single target damage is high you can be unlucky and the same character will be focused twice before you can leading to his death. There's nothing you can do to prevent that scenario and I suspect a general AI script was changed or implemented because bosses tends much more to focus a single character for several turns. When it's high damage AOE sometimes you'll just get wiped before you can act because that AoE will be used twice in 3 seconds.
- In the remastered version (unsure if it was that bad in the 2013 one) the battle menu is also in 15 FPS which is sluggish. So much that sometimes it skips inputs and leads to the wrong targeting. But the real issue is that "Wait" mode doesn't freeze ATB while targeting (was already the case in Vanilla) but since the menu lags you need time to properly target and with high ATB speed, bosses will often cut your turn to attack while you're targeting spells.
- Some scripts changes leads to frustating situation, not necesseraly hard but overall annoying such as Ultimate weapon fight. The fight isn't hard but tedious when you buff and the boss immediatly goes Dispelga -> Pillar (one chaacter die, fixed 9999 damage) -> Pillar (same) -> Pillar -> Dispelga. I had it happens a few times, you just waste time buffing / using full-life for no challenge at all.

I also don't get the removal of a few endgame stuff.
Aura spell :  There's still aura stone farming for the same result (except you can't triple cast it but it doesn't really matter to begin with)
Heroes / Team invicibility : still exists but is more convoluted to obtain, meaning if someone really want these he'll get them, just need more time
And all of that to add a new hyper broken spell called Renew that cast regen, protect and shell at the same time.

Like you reduce the sources of broken endgame stuff but add another one farmable in 5 minutes. You can literally get 30 Renews every minute or so stealing behemoths. The whole endgame was clearly balanced around Renew and 9999 HP since almost everything towards end of disc 3 and disc 4 has high ATB speed and requires protect + shell while still dishing 5k+ damage in some cases if you don't farm stat ups and devour (which shouldn't be mandatory, it should only ease fight, not be mandatory).

So what happens with all these balance issue ? If you did your junction properly, take advantage of Renew and figured out the predictability of bosses ATB, disc 3 bosses are piss easy, Bahamut is piss easy (2 minutes fight with a single MAG character, you can probably get him in a single turn with 3 MAG characters ..). Ultimate weapon was easy with a single MAG character, just annoying wasting time buffing / reviving instead of finding a way to keep chaarcters alive.

Every boss in disc 4 was also piss easy including Ultimecia, once again everything with a single MAG character, imagine with 2 or 3. The only thing that made me struggle a bit was Adel because I didn't have Rinoa for the fight and had a level 30 Selphie that was getting one shot even with Renew so I was left with only 2 STR char.

Then comes Omega. Clearly wasn't tested properly. Every AoE hit for a few thousand. Then he has Megido Flame which was roughly 9k damage on characters level 100 with best junction possible in VIT / SPR and a DEF / SPR +30% in their weaker stat (and that ignores protect / shell). And then there's Terra break, a meteor like spell hitting many times random characters, each hit being 4k+ under shell protect. Literally impossible to survive with lvl 100 characters, Renew, best junction for SPR/ VIT and +30% in SPR/VIT. The whole team get wiped. Omega also has a high ATB speed, meaning often Megido Flame will result in a wipe because he'll do an AoE (often ultima) right before or after it.

If you don't farm VIT/SPR up or don't devour mobs, you simply can't survive Omega unless you abuse invincibility or have a character dedicated to use Defend and spam Mega phoenix (which makes the fight ultra boring). This is bad design. Farming stas up should make fights easier, and shouldn't be mandatory. There is a convoluted way to survive by casting zombie but since you absolutely need renew, it means you'll degen + you'll have issue healing and considering his ATB you won't have time to remedy+ or triple esuna before the next AoE.

So overall for a mod that claims to rebalance stuff, it destroys MAG / STR balance, it destroys AI scripts and it adds a broken spell to "balance" the endgame. It's really far from hitting the mark.

Aside that, the mod itself is fine especially QOL wise (removing the draw limit, meaning you don't waste much time getting full stock of spells is really good). Delaying access to final weapons, and higher tier of spells is overall fine and done nicely. I also liked the GF choice, either you draw to make the fight easier or you don't but get more rewards, that was well thought. The junction balancing could use some tweak in the SPD / LCK stats (make it a bit higher imo). I think there should be a way to get +40% SPR / VIT on GF, else the stat growth is fine. The fixed enemy level has a solid base you did a good job on that.

The "new" fights are kinda meh mainly because some models are reused too much though I understand making new models isn't easy and not a priority but there was a redundancy feeling. Also moving Enc-None from Diablos to Eden is stupid, please don't. It doesn't make the game harder, just more tedious and more time wasteful.

Most of the issues I describe are probably less perceptible in the normal difficulty mod especially ATB wise but Lionheart is in a bad state balance wise and could benefit from a revamp of a few systems (limit break, MAG triple casting, ATBs).

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-04 15:13:14 »

I set Dyne's speed so that Barret could get 2 turns (usually) for each of Dyne's turns; can't remember if this depended on Haste/Slow or not. Psyche Up should only be used as a counter to Poison, and only used once at that. Was he spamming it?

No it didn't. What I meant is Barret attacked twice in a row using only 1 ATB. Like I said, I selected the "Attack" command at the same time Dyne was using Psyche Up to clear the poison I inflicted, and as soon as the animation ended, Barret attacked twice. Only the second hit depleted his ATB. So I guess somehow Barret counter attacked the Psyche Up, but Physche Up doesn't deal damage so Barret shouldn't counter attack.

Also otherwise (in Arrange) the fight is balanced. The long animations of Dyne are quite frustating because it waste the Barrier timer but it's part of the balance so that's fine.

Oh snaps, then about Counter Attack:
Spoiler: show
 May want to check on the Counter Attack materia only being available in Disc 2/3 only. I got it just after the plate fell, in the park. What was supposed to be there, anyway? I know in the vanilla game it's Sense, and in NT 1.3 and 1.4 it used to be...

Yup same, got it after the plate fall, in the park.

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« on: 2017-08-04 09:53:12 »
Did everyone got 2 rank ups for Cait Sith as soon as he joins ? I'm asking cause I had two, while Cloud barely had his second and all other members only had one and were only halfway to the second. I didn't overfarm nor rush, I think I had an average number of fights but I still prefer to ask.

Also during Dyne fight for some reasons at a point Barret attacked twice in a row.
-> Barret ATB full
-> Select Attack command
-> Before Barret attacks, Dyne use Psych up
-> Barret fires twice

It seems like Psych up triggered a counterattack while it doesn't deal damage.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-03 09:22:50 »
Ok, I think I figured out why the game crashes in Costa De Sol. Barret is in the Inn talking after the cargo ship. Whenever that happens, it causes something to screw up when you also have the Save Point options open.

Honestly, I think the save point is going to have to be moved somewhere else due to that. Putting it on the beach would work, along with putting it in front of the hotel, in the bar, or in front of the entrance/exit for the town.

EDIT; Ok, I went up to the Correl hills, then backtracked to Costa De Sol to see if things changed with Barret gone from the hotel room. They do. Before, right after the Cargo Ship pulled in and Barret was in the room talking, it caused the save point option text to mess up and the game to crash. Once Barret is no longer in the hotel, the issues disappear. And Barret will show back up in that hotel later on in the game when you're in the town.

So yeah, the save point needs to be moved, especially for players right after they leave the cargo ship. Leaving it inside of the hotel causes problems. Move it someplace else and the issues should disappear.

I didn't encounter the crash issue while Barret being there. But I had some overlapping text between Barret's boxes and save point box. Might be a good idea to move it somewhere else.

I was wondering how the "cast on death" was working on vanilla (and if it was possible to bypass it). What I mean is that the Grangalan Jr. is casting "Stop" on death. I tried to kill it while it was sleeping and it still casted it. I think you can bypass those cast on death with some statuses in other FF but I'm not sure about FF7.

Also I encountered a model issue the first time I reached Mt. Corel, the screen where Barret is depressed. Cloud's model was a giant one with feet above, head under. Left the screen and walked back in, everything was ok.

No other mods installed, using steam version, patched with the last version (August 2nd)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-02 10:04:35 »
No Condor NPC in Junon ? I know it's not far away but I'm pretty sure there was one in 1.4. I might be wrong though.

Edit : He only appears after getting Shiva materia, so he is available only for the third battle and not the second (as there is a battle before getting Shiva but after resting)

It maybe my bad as some websites mention the second battle being before getting Shiva materia and some before getting in water (which means you can get Shiva without missing the second battle). I'm not sure anymore.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-02 09:44:57 »
No Condor NPC in Junon ? I know it's not far away but I'm pretty sure there was one in 1.4. I might be wrong though.

Edit : He only appears after getting Shiva materia, so he is available only for the third battle and not the second (as there is a battle before getting Shiva but after resting)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-01 21:56:32 »
EDIT; Ok, Dark Nation is undamagable in the fight with Rufus as it stands

Was the case on my side as well. I though it was intentional since the fight is easy even in Arrange due to the low damage output.

Btw, was MP Plus removed from Ziegfried ? Had no reward, but I love the new pattern he uses :)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-01 16:55:14 »
Didn't encounter any issue with ghosts even when their MP were depleted.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2017-08-01 11:40:31 »
Found an 'issue" that could potentially break the whole game. If you lose to the Curator your whole party get up but with 0 hp on all 3 characters. I tried to start a fight right after (with all 3 chars at 0 HP) and surprisingly there was no game over, I was just throwed out of the fight.

I accidentally saved over that file so I couldn't test more, but I think the game might go broken if you run to G0624 fight with 0HP on all character unless they get healed right before (I have a doubt)

Edit: Nvm that's silly since XIII get in the team for the fight and he has full hp anyway.

Anyway, having a blast right now with 1.5. Steal formula might need to be soften up at the beginning in Arrange cause the rates are absurd. It took me nearly 30 turns to steal a Carbon bangle in Shinra HQ (the enemy had 290 hp left, Tifa kept using morph while Barret was stealing, each morph was a 10 damage hit, stole the bangle right before the last morph)

However I still fought Rufus & Black Nation even with the hotfix. Maybe I patched too late ? I saved right before the fight, at the elevator and then patched it.

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« on: 2017-01-15 20:20:06 »
Glad to hear that :) I'll keep lurking then, I'm really excited about the Arrange mode and curious about FF8 ^^

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« on: 2017-01-15 18:07:22 »
Hello there, it has been a long time. I didn't have any time left for playing this mod last year so I dropped it (around march I think). I'm seeing that it's still in 1.4 but seems to have been patched a lot since last time I played, so I was wondering if there are new additions or if those are just fixes/rebalances. I'm actually thinking about starting a new save, is there things I should know before ? (I will do a proper install by uninstalling and deleting old folders ofc) / Any patch logs readable ?

Anyway it's great to see you keep working on it Sega Chief ! That's an amazing work you have done. It has been probably asked thousand of times - and sorry since I don't actually want to read 40 pages right now :p - but are you still planning an Arrange version or whatever it was called  (Loved the one in 1.35, was a bit sad it didn't make it to 1.4 first :D) ? Also any news about a FF 8 mod ?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-18 16:21:41 »
Patched using the main installer since hotfixes aren't out yet. Tested again the fight, scene has changed (black) but I still crash, so the rain wasn't the problem it seems :\

I would like to know if I'm the only one who experience this (mainly asking who are at disc 3, have beaten Carmine Weapon and can do this fight)

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-17 18:05:30 »
After getting rid of the Bastardberries for the Mime Materia, now moving onto Kaktuar...

Each turn you attack him he seems to get bigger until he uses Cactageddon which is essentially a Game Over in much the same way as Lethe Breath (Abyss) and Reactor Meltdown (Snuffles Mk II). You can prevent Abyss from using Lethe Breath but is there also a way to stop the use of Cactageddon and Reactor Meltdown or is it just a DPS race to kill them before they eject your entire party?

Kaktuar's main annoyance is Speedstroke which deals damage based off the ingame clock, as I like to take my time this attack will pretty much kill any party member outright. As far as I know there's no way to avoid this (without restarting the game and playing through it faster). Spirit Needlles drains your MP but I think it also reduces your Max MP during the fight. Not too sure but that's very nasty if it does.

There is a way for both fights. One is more trickier. Concerning Snuffles, you need to slow him and after the next action of one of your character, he will uses "Reactor Cooldown" removing the timer and the slow debuff.
Kaktuar is just a "no magic fight". He will only grow when you use magic. Physically DPS him and you'll be fine (you can add Elemental = Leviathan for extra damage since he is weak to water).

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« on: 2016-04-17 07:48:31 »

Sounds different to the usual ones, did you lose focus on the game window at all/click away? That can sometimes cause the game to freeze. I'll check over the enemies to see if there's anything amiss. Maybe something there disagrees with counter-attacking? I'll test it and see.

Froze again at the second turn while buffing my team. I highly suspect the rain is the problem, as before the main freeze locking the game, there are 2-3 small freezes where rain doesn't fall but music is still ongoing. Usually if I lose focus, alt/tab, click away I don't have any problem, when I have one, the game simply close with a message, nothing similar. (I didn't lose focus during the fight) but it will only happen when a fight/scene is loading, nothing to do with the current problem ^^.

Also noticed something weird that I didn't see yesterday : Once Carmine Weapon is defeated, as soon as you go back to Kalm traveller (and without talking to him), there will be a materia on the ground (purple), labelled as "W-summon". Checking my materias, it's a underwater one with some AP on it.

Edit: The materia has 0 AP, the one with AP on it is the one I used during the fight (it gained AP as you forgot to set it to "Master" as someone mentioned before. I'll post screenshots in a spoiler to not waste a lot of space on the forum page.

Spoiler: show

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-16 22:19:03 »
Wow, I really had a bad freeze during the
Spoiler: show
Master materia fight

One of my character was counter attacking and the gaming literally froze. No music, no fps, rain not falling anymore, kill signals not working (ctrl+q / alt+f4). I'll give it another try tomorrow, I have no idea if the game just messed up or if it's because of the fight. Never happened during my 160 hours on steam (vanilla or NT).

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-16 12:56:35 »
Heal + Sneak Attack doesn't work, the AI is indeed the same as Curator in that it gets the move in before anyone can Sneak Attack. I think all their attacks are Non-Elemental and some use both Current HP and Max HP Formulae. Not to mention they can inflict Dual-Drain and some of them get Peerless under conditions I'm not too sure of.

The fight might be broken. I can only reach a 25% winrate depending on RNG. The only way I can actually beat them is using Cloud Omnislash with his ultimate weapon + Cid Highwind with masamune and finally have Yuffie with Conformer doing a slash-all to finish (will deal 9999 to all).

I did some tries to test stuff around :
-They are pretty slow to reach you in melee, and will only use a technique that will petrify once timer is done (not a big threat at all)
-Their counter attacks will apply on each hit if you're using a multi-hit command (slash-all, added-cut = mug, double cut,..) except on multi-hit limit breaks (each one will only attack once)
-Their pool of counter attacks is the following (all are single target):
*Very low damage + a lot of statuses (poison, mini, confu, ..)
*2/3 of your CURRENT HP (not totally sure about the rate, but can't kill you)
*1/2 of your MAX HP (not sure, according  to the tool it might depend of the number of escape)
*Removing few MP + casts reflect on the character targeted

-The peerless status seems totally random (have seen it only twice) but can't be dispelled
-Using an All = Dispel on them (and even though there is nothing to dispel) will make all counter attack
-Shield is useless
-Magic is useless (high M def and will trigger counter attacks)
-They are immune to all negative statuses except fury.

Edit: KotR might be the only 100% solution success since they have low HP. But according to deha0002 we can't have the materia due to the current softlock problem :D

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-16 07:27:34 »

While I can understand not wanting too much grind in a game this does seem somewhat broken for anything without immunity to Sudden Death. Personally I would recommend if possible, to cap the Accuracy on Flash so it doesn't hit every time with Max Acc Weapons (Restore Rod, God's Hand, Sniper CR etc.), I'd rather not suggest making everything immune to Sudden Death since while I don't want to have this as a universal solution, I also don't want it to be useless either otherwise there's no point of having it in the game.


What on earth is up with the Goldberry fight (Firstly why are there 6 of the bastards)? I go into the cave and pick up the Mime Materia which triggers the fight. There are 6 Goldberries and they start the fight by making you absorb the Restorative element (Dying and then being revived via Phoenix doesn't get rid of it). It is safe to say I haven't discovered a suitable strategy for this fight, among the Max HP Formula attacks (Not Gravity), Current HP Formula attacks (Not Gravity), Dual etc. it's painful to say the least.

There are some other issues with the fight, such as my characters growing to ridiculous sizes (all hail the 30 Feet Tall Vincent). I also tried to see if Aeris' Pulse of Life Limit Break would ignore the whole Restorative Element thing and... It said Recovery but it just meant my character was lying dead on the floor with full HP (4575/4575 HP and Red HP Bar).

I also somehow ended up with all my characters dead on the floor but with two of them they had 263 and 148 HP remaining. The game does not go to Game Over and the Goldberries just stand there staring at the corpses of my Party Members.

Would capping accuracy be that useful since there's still a lot of other ways to instant kill, like Odin for example ? (fight would be a bit longer tho).

I wonder if there's a way to avoid the status preventing the use of restorative. I'm not at this point yet, but so far the only idea I have is that you could try a "Sneak attack" = "Heal" to cast resist on your party. It might not work if the AI is the same as the Curator (Curator will hit first, you will use sneak attack, curator will do his second attack before anyone can play a turn). The other solution would be to shield your team but it would be again useless if they have non-elemental, non-physical damage.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-15 21:43:23 »
Oh the shortcut; it's supposed to be in the Sage's house but there was a problem with it that caused a crash when you tried to race with it. I need to study the Kalm traveller one a bit more and see if I'm missing something.

Wouldn't let it as a reward from Kalm traveller be easier ? Linking it to the "guidebook" reward before/after fight ?

Well anyway, I started breeding, I really like the new models of chocobos being darker. I just had a really hard time the first time a Green one was born, I just couldn't tell if it was a blue or green one. When the blue one is born I saw the difference. But tbh, the green one tends to look blue, especially on the "dark screen" (screen where you see the born chocobo).

Also had a question regarding the "Ancient forest", did you remove the cave or did I go full retard ? When going on the last screen, taking the path to the cave (right direction, at the end of the screen) instead of entering the cave, my party is put back on world map, the same way it would once leaving the cave.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-15 16:57:11 »
Was planning to farm for a second masamune for Cloud (first is on Cid). Decided to craft Cloud's ultimate weapon first. Go out to do some tests, Cloud outdamaging Cid without a critical hit being 50 atk behind. Won't craft a second masamune xD. It can sound broken, but after further testing, the damage output decreases fast when Cloud's HP start to drop, so it seems balanced.

Did anyone found the "shortcut" for the gold chocobo or am I looking for something that doesn't exist ? I'd like to know before spending hours into breeding for nothing if there's another way.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-15 10:25:41 »
Counter attacks seems to not trigger all enemies "counter" techniques (I would say Counter attacks since Godo will keep healing on counter attacks). You might want to check "Soldier :1st" AI (Cloud lv 4 limit).

I know some of his techniques such "Courage Boost!" and "Healing wave" are triggered when he is affected by statuses (poison, slow, ..) but it "seems" (85% sure)  that attacks like "Air strike" and "Apocalypse" are counter attacks under X% hp (or at least it's what I felt when attacking him after having done 50%). I redid the fight but only using counter attacks as the damage source, and the fight was pretty easy since he was only using laser / comet / meteor shots / Chain Slash / Megaflare. I have no clue if it's intended or not. I don't think it's related to magic since Air Strike was triggered right after the time I used Mug = Added Cut.

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« on: 2016-04-14 20:12:51 »
Meh ._.

Junon leagues still bugged. I forgot Mithrain reported it. Second league gives you the Meteor cup reward, you can't join 3rd and 4th league as these stay greyed out, meaning you can't join Meteor cup being the last league. Also notice something, after last match of 2nd league, there was a match "Rudra vs Armstrong", Armstrong isn't even on second league, but is on first league. So, do you have any plan for these leagues or there's just nothing to put there ? I really like the design of all unique enemies in these league. It also might be a good solution for pulse ammo / Core for those who missed these if you have no plan ^^

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.4)
« on: 2016-04-14 18:25:05 »
Can you not use Order to move characters around in the party? Or do you mean that Cid gets set to be party leader if he's used for Junon Leagues?
Cloud is still the leader, that's why he can't be moved around. I mean when looking from top to bottom it's :

I can swap Cid & Yuffie from top and bottom but I can't move Cloud since he's the leader which means he needs to stay in the middle of the party. Going to highwind, asking Cloud to be your party leader fixes the problem.

I would like to add a thing to the missing items list. I did all lvl 4 limit "quests" and have only received 6 Oversouls. I think Cid, Tifa and the last one i don't remember (maybe Aerith). If its intended, i sure wouldn't like to grind 81k battle points for the last three.
I just tested, you can farm the first junon league and will be rewarded with an oversoul shard each time. (I don't know about the other leagues since I haven't done these yet). So yup, it makes the Battle Square quite pointless. A STR char with few counter attack materias will clear the league in something like 3 minutes while going through the special battle (Gold Saucer) will take something around 30 minutes exploiting all weaknesses/statuses to not even have a full shard (20k/22k).

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Hmm ..

Spoiler: show

Isn't the mistery prize reward at battle square a waste ? 32000 only for yellow wave when you need 9 oversoul shards for a craft being at 20k each, I just feel like I've wasted so much time doing twice the special battle while I could have already purchased 2 shards >.>. Well maybe it's worth, depending on how yellow wave works, does it simply set the defences to 0 or just reduce these ?

Also, (I will try later) but if we can redo the first junon league for the same reward (aka an oversoul shard), it would be faster to farm it instead of battle square.

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Piggybacking off of this question and answer, I can also confirm Tseng did not drop Pulse Ammo and that Love Buster did not drop the Micro Engine either. Now, I have defeated The Curator(Good googly moogly what a battle...) and he dropped the Micro Engine, however this was on a separate file I made so I could move on and come back later. Was the Micro Engine moved somewhere else other then Curator? Did I need to continue on with that file where I defeated him to keep the Engine? Was Love Buster not dropping it a bug?

Ah yeah, this guy is totally right. Since I continued my save where i beat the Curator, I indeed have the Micro Engine listed in "Key items". I totally forgot about it. If you plan on moving the Micro-Engine, why not making the Curator accessible from disc 3 (maybe in the same way Condor TP NPC works) ? Although the Curator fight being the hardest in the mod, it might be a bad idea in terms of balance.

Edit: Got 2 small problems :
-Can't start the accessory vendor quest in Junon (maybe you deleted it ? I saw it in the documentation file, talked to all npc, no quest)
-Going  in Junon league will result as placing characters in your party in alphabetical order. Meaning if you go with Cid, he will be placed first, Cloud being switched to the middle. Using PHS Cloud can't be moved back to top position. I guess going to highwind and switching leader would fix this but it's quite an annoyance if we have to back in highwind each time.

Edit 2 : Dorky faces can't be morphed by melee characters ? They can attack/counter attack/steal/mug but they can't morph. "Can't be reached"

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More feedback about crater :
-Protoroth is the easiest of all 3 bosses and by far. Maybe I missunderstood the other two (I'll explain in the spoiler)
-Allemagne (Hatchery screen, not sure for other scenes) level 4 death kills level 99 characters (level synch ?)
-Captain NPC dialog still bugged (Can't remember if you fixed it), only 2 out of 3 options are available. Not a big deal tho.
-W-item is correctly found as the materia (upper of the screen), but middle item is still labeled as W-magic

Ribbon accessory has a "weird" behavior. I can't remember if it was the case in Vanilla, but Ribbon is supposed to prevent "Sadness" status. You still can have it by using tranquilizers (I guess it works with Hyper/Fury status). And even if your character dies, it will ressurect with the "Sadness" status still on.

Spoiler: show

Due to the very low defensives stats of each Protoroth (especially Sephiorth one), it can be done very quickly while the boss have a very low damage input. Sephiroth part took me 3 turns with Cid (9999 * 2 *3) + two set of counter attacks (using 6 materias).
The cloud part even though absorbing Fire/Ice/Lightning/Earth can be hit 9999 with the contain materia (wind element) and ~7k with Alpha, being just a matter of turns under haste + wall.

Abyss fight was really boring, needed 3 ribbons , wall status, and tons of healing to keep up with the high damage + having a character who keep silencing.
Tyrant fight (I might have missunderstood) but I couldn't kill him before his frenzy status, so I needed all my party under "Shield" status.

So yup, Protoroth was really easy.

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