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WIP / FFVII: Shinra Archaeology Cut
« on: 2023-12-07 18:40:41 »

About the mod

This mod for Final Fantasy VII has been created to accomplish two things:

First, it offers a full (up to the events of Corel Prison in the current version) retranslation of the game's text that fixes mistakes in the original English translation; improves tonal accuracy using idiomatic language; and conforms to the localization choices of the Compilation and Remake trilogy where applicable to ensure continuity through the Final Fantasy VII series. The goal of this retranslation is to give English players a narrative experience and foundation of lore that is as close as possible to that of Japanese-speaking players.

Second, and optionally, this mod restores numerous events, maps, animations, puzzles, and lines of dialogue that were cut from the final release. In 99 cases out of 100, this content has been mined from the original game files themselves. Only when absolutely necessary have the authors of this mod supplied the minimum amount of additional assets to ensure the functionality of the official scrapped elements. A full dump of this mod's script is available on Google drive, with unofficial dialogue clearly demarcated. Unused content restoration goes up to the end of the game in this demo, but post-North Corel content has not been thoroughly tested.

This mod requires the 7th Heaven mod loader to be used.

This mod is still a work in progress. Currently the retranslation only covers up through Corel Prison.

Custom facial expression system requires FFNx v1.16.0.144 or higher to function.

Example images of contents

Main contents

Fully retranslated script
Spoiler: show




Parity with Compilation of FFVII, Remake and Rebirth localizations
Spoiler: show

As mentioned, in spots where the Japanese is the same or partially the same between the original FFVII and Remake / Rebirth, we have opted to use the official localization of those lines to create a sense of cohesion akin to what the Japanese side of things has. This also extends to the other Compilation entries, but Remake—as the most recent FFVII entry—gets priority.








Restored unused scenes
Spoiler: show




Restored unused puzzles
Spoiler: show


Restored facial expression system
Spoiler: show

This system existed in the PSX version but was almost never used. It was unfinished in the PC version but has been restored by TrueOdin in recent FFNx canary builds, and I took the liberty of porting over the textures and incorporating new expressions into scenes on top of what few were already in the game. A full list of scenes affected can be found in the iro. Eyes work perfectly but custom mouths are a bit of a work in progress.




Bonus Features

FMV Options
Spoiler: show

Several FMVs got changes during development, and these options allow those earlier renditions to be used.



Beta-style menu icons
Spoiler: show

Early in FFVII's development, the characters had pixel art portraits reminiscent of prior entries in the series. The textures for Cloud, Aerith, and Barret's portraits remained in the Tobal No.1 FFVII sampler demo, and with this option you can use them in the final game. Additionally, the incredibly talented pixel artist Prism has provided stylistically-consistent custom sprite portraits for the remaining members so this mode can affect the whole party. (currently Red XIII and Cid are not yet made).


Red Yuffie Costume
Spoiler: show

In the planning stage of FFVII, Yuffie's outfit was red and white rather than green and orange. This option allows you to use a costume for Yuffie based on that original design, with a battle model provided by the incredible UpRisen.



Option to Restore JORG Backgrounds
Spoiler: show

The original Japanese release (JORG) of FFVII had a handful of prerendered backgrounds that got revised for the international release, generally to make it clearer where the player needs to go. This option restores the original versions.

JORG                                                                                                Post-JORG




Mod Credits

This mod is a production of the Shinra Archaeology Department, an FFVII fan group dedicated to translating Japanese interviews and guidebooks and making them available to English-speaking audiences.

Restoration, Implementation, and Logo Graphics: Odysseus (TheStrifeIsRife)

Translation and Localization Continuity: TurquoiseHammer

Data Mining, Organization, and Annotation: Shademp

Original Script Mining: Herman1134 (Jason Maltz)

Custom sprite portraits: Prism

Red Yuffie battle model: UpRisen


NPC blink animation fixes provided by Orichalcon.

Unused custom eye and mouth texture system restored by TrueOdin.

The tile set for the TRAP field was decoded by BrutalAl.

Tools used

Makou Reactor and Vincent Tim: myst6re

WallMarket and ProudClod: nfitc1

Black Chocobo: sithlord48

KimeraCS: LaZar00

Scarlet: petfriendamy

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