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For long I have been iritated by the translation fo FF games being "adjusted to western audience" and I got and idea, that I could do some fan translation ,that would stay to the original (, no chan, kun, sama stuff if not necessary) and I am trying to assemble a team. Sort of.

I am looking for someone whou would help me to open files in FF games and make them editable so I could translate. My Japanese is ok. I can understand it when I hear it, so I think it could work.
Anybody up for it?

It goes without saying that there won't be any money in this I hope. It will be only for the community and one's satisfaction.

Support / [Request] Final Fantasy VIII Blood uncensor Mods
« on: 2017-02-18 13:37:38 »
I've been thinking about making a mod that would change the "censorship" of blood in FF 8. I learned that Gerogero should be red not blue and there is one room in Ultimecia castle that has a sword stuck in a wall with green goo on it, what was originally blood. (I've always found the goo out of place XD )
However I am not a modder and even though I was trying, I simply don't understand what am I supposed to do XD
So I am asking for help. Would somebody be willing to do this?

These are pictures taken from FF wikia.

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