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Anyone have any experience with Post Processing initialisation error?
Running an i5 with a GTX1060

Support / Switch versions
« on: 2019-03-26 18:54:37 »
Anyone having a crack at getting into the NSP to insert Graphical mods?

Bootleg Questions / Own Mods
« on: 2014-02-07 12:20:59 »
So can I use my own mods with the Bootleg or is there a predetermined selection with the installer?

Troubleshooting / Sq Logo Start Menu blending
« on: 2014-02-07 07:33:27 »
Is there any way to remove the original starting credits?
I`ve used a video that has the credits in already and now want to try and have a nice transition between the
Sq Logo and Start screen (Buster.PNG)
Cheers :x

Graphical / Video Mods
« on: 2014-02-03 10:52:03 »
To start off with I`ve had loads of issues getting the original game discs to run on my new system (AMD FX 4GB CPU with ATI 2GB GPU)
Here`s the method I used I have both original 98 version and the new Steam edition with achievements running on my system.
To get up and running I installed the discs to a brand new drive. I wiped one of my externals.
There are cheaper alternatives like a USB stick but I`d recommend only USB3 as we`ll be using HD material.
You could repartition part of your hard disks or use disc mounting software. Just do a search for it there`s loads of info on the matter.
Next you need to rename the disc  "FF7Disc1" this is so there`s no issues with registry and so the 0.10 game converter will install correctly.

For good measure I used
to get rid of any old registry files associated with FFVII
This will not effect your Steam install if you have one.

Install the game but make sure that the game is in a folder. I installed directly to E: and the patches don`t like it.
Next copy the movie folder off the disc into the Data folder within FFVII folder on your drive.

Finally install the Game converter patch

You should now be up and running check to see if you are then you can start modding but I`d recommend backing up your most basic working version first.
If not you may need a more update version of Aalis driver
If you still have no joy work backwards through the driver versions like any update there`s bug fixes and new add-ons but the add-ons lead to more bugs so find the version that's best for you.

Just paste these FMVs into the movie files folder and that's it.

It will say videos cannot be played wile in my Skydrive it`s just a computability issue with the online player just click download at the bottom.
Make sure in Steam the Video setting "Keep Aspect Ratio" is turned off for Full Screen viewing.

Findings went through 90% of the settings in Premiere after using it to edit the original file couldn't find one that the game would except.
In the end I used the following settings.
Format H.264
Output: Pal, 1280x960, 25fps, progressive, AAC, 320kbs, 48khz stereo VBR, 1 pass, Target 5.84, Max 5.84 Mbs.

Then used a program called "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate" with the following settings
Video: AVI, Encoder H264, Resolution 1280*960, Frame Rate 25fbs, Bitrate Smartfit,
Audio: AC3, Channel Smartfit, Sample rate 48,000, Bitrate Smartfit

Works in full screen mode.
Tried other settings like 1080p & 720p but it just creates issues with alignment so the image is bordered either right and down or left and up and shoved to one side. 

Nice easy one to get me back into it.
Eidos Logo taken from around the year 2k upscaled from 720p to 1280x960
Original audio has been kept.

Square Enix logo and opening credits
This is work done by FeraNelia thanks for letting me convert your work. The you tube page can be found here

To make life easier next  I`ve installed the Reunion patch here`s there link

Next step is getting the final image of the video to merge into the start screen (easy bit) has anyone managed to stop the game playing the original credits and go straight to the Start screen?
Also is it possible to turn the finger into a white transparent strip and move were the New Game and Continue options are?

General Discussion / Project Genesis
« on: 2014-02-01 12:32:26 »
I`m just getting back up and running so the site is not upto date apart from getting started which I`ve fixed all the broken links.

Keep an eye on it as I update I`m going to go through the game "In order of appearance" just getting to grips with Video editing again and then it should kick off pretty rapidly.

Troubleshooting / Video mods File type help
« on: 2014-02-01 12:18:27 »
Haven't been on here in about 5 years so I`m a little rusty getting set back up.
Are we still stuck with using Truemotion when creating custom FMVs or has Aali`s driver sorted that out?

Solved Problems / SOLVED: No Video
« on: 2011-05-08 00:52:39 »
Ive changed the Video directory to my HDD like ive done in the pat but its coming up with Red writing on the bottom saying file error.
The directory is definatly correct. And the videos run from the CD before I changed directorys.
Im running on Windows 7 64bit if that helps.

Can`t see why its an issue I had the videos running on Vista so it should have been a piece of cake on 7.....?

Troubleshooting / Creating a Reg edit
« on: 2011-05-07 21:10:09 »
How easy would it be to create a reg edit file to change the Video file location.
I already know how to do it manualy, I tried creating a txt.edit file but could`nt get it to work.

Its just something to help people out more than anything

Which version are we using?
All the Mods we were making a couple of years ago were for Patch 1.2

Are we still not touching 1.4 because its unofficial?

Thanks for your feedback

Completely Unrelated / Project Genesis
« on: 2011-05-02 15:43:41 »
Hello everyone
Just started putting a Wiki site together for putting my work down for everyone to download.
I have alot of old work from a site I was creating I just need to import it.
Can anyone remind me of the settings to Palmer PNG files I can`t get my Train Station back into the game.

I`d like to include other peoples work aswell and create a Newbie how to guide like using the custom Graphics drivers etc.

Can anybody recommend models, Backgrouds, Fighting BG`s, Charactors, Menus etc etc basically try and get as much recreation in one place. If I want to use your work for my site don`t worry I will ask first.
If theres any models and links that can`t be discussed here please PM me and i`ll send you my Messenger address. I only want recreations though not Mods e.g AC charactors etc.


General Discussion / Back after 2 years
« on: 2011-04-30 11:13:59 »
Hello Everyone
Can anyone give me a Low down on whats new?

Last time I was on Aali had just made Palmer and had gone onto do something else.

Basically when I left no body here seemed interested in what each other had to say and were quick to judge so I lost interest and left.

What I wanted to do was create a area for putting all the best stuff into an installer a bit like the Phoenix project. It was called project Genesis and what the aim was to do was to add Genesis into the Cut scenes in FFVII to make it more consistent with Crisis Core.

The way I wanted to do this was reverse engineer the Ultima project (I think it was called) back into a program that needed the CD. Then put all the new files into that installer so I took away from all the messing round a new user needed to do to get the updated stuff working.

The other idea I had was to input a Skins Screen into the main menu.
So you could have say: Original, Updated and Advent Skin.
Basically to get this working you`d have to create different folders and allow the game to switch directories. Its a pretty simple idea but Ive been told the game code is quite hard to work with.

Last time I was here I switched the intro video to the Crisis Core/ PS3 Tech Demo version and changed the ending to the AC intro. And messed around with a few other FMV`s which everyones probably done a hundred times over by now. I also used a Tech Demo screen shot as the First playable screen. But at that time Palmer could only pull the images out so could`nt get it to go back into the game.

Thanks for your time guys.

I was going to link my work but all the links are now broken because its been so long.

Archive / Help with menu costume idea
« on: 2009-06-18 22:36:05 »
I`ve noticed theres alot of diffrent models all great but with one draw back.
If you want to swop between then you have to keep changing the names of your LPG files.
Could`nt there be a way to put the option in the main menu for costume change that redirects the LPG file it reads.
So for example if you changed to the polycell costume it would redirect to char2.LPG and the Advent Children Models would rediect to Char3.LPG

The other idea I had is along the same lines but with using the modes that make the game harder so on the main menu you would have Hard mode and that would redirect to Kernal 4 for example......

The problem that I have is that I understand programming i`m just no good at it.....

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