Author Topic: Bootleg is dead  (Read 12473 times)


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Bootleg is dead
« on: 2015-09-29 20:43:22 »
Bootleg is officially dead, and 7th Heaven is now the tool you want to use instead.

Bootleg is an extremely old project, its legacy code is a mess, and 7th Heaven is doing a much better job at what it's meant to do. I am going to briefly go over the reasons why Bootleg is dead.

- 7th Heaven has long superseded it;
- It's old, and has gone nearly 3 years without a single update;
- The old codebase is beyond hopeless, it's a wonder it even runs;
- I don't have time nor will to work on a project alone without any help;
- I prefer to focus on other projects.

Consider this an official notice from the only person that was still involved in Bootleg. I will now move to do other things. I may or may not remain active on the forums, but Bootleg is now an artifact of the past regardless.