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What it is and what it does?
YAMP is a multi-patcher which can be used to apply my (dziugo's) patches to your version of FF7. By default, it'll take the ff7.exe file, make a backup of it (backup_ff7.exe) and produce the output file named ff7.exe (no need to rename anything to get those patches to work). If there already is a backup file, the ff7.exe WILL BE DELETED and the backup will be patched. If you only want some of the patches to be applied, delete/change extension/move those you don't want to use. Patches are stored in "patches\" directory and only there will be looked for. If your FF7 path is:

--- Code: ---C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\
--- End code ---
then patches should be in:

--- Code: ---C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\patches\
--- End code ---
Don't make another subdirectory there, as it will not work.

Download YAMP and patches you want to apply, unpack them and copy to your FF7 folder.

Configure the patches if needed (see below) and (when done) run install.bat. If everything went good, you can launch FF7 and check how it works. If there is an error message you don't understand, post it here.

Each patch file (*.srb - skerb file) comes with a config file. It's name is the name of patch file, but with a different extension (.txt). Beware: If any of those files is missing, the patch won't be applied. For some patches (MGP, 9999LimitBreaking and Gypt) there is a possibility to configure some things. For example:

Changing default framerate for minigames:
Open "HighwayAndSnowboardMinigamesFix.txt" with a notepad and find the lines:
set snowboard_speed=25
set highway_speed=25
Change 25 to anything you want :) (higher = faster) Note, it's a decimal value not a hexadecimal.

Changing default hp/mp cap:
What about changing the damage that a monster (weapon? :D) can do to you?
Open "9999LimitBreaking.txt" with a notepad and find line:
set amount_monsterdmghp=30000
Change that 30000 to anything (well... don't use values which are greater than 30000) you want (1 is a nice value, isn't it?).

If there is nothing to configure, you'll see something like this:

Listen to your notepad, move along :P.

If there is a line which starts with "set " and the extension of the file is *.txt it means, that it's a configurable variable.

 - MiniGamesPatch - The very first and the most useful one... It updates the code with a simple frame limiter for the Highway, Snowboard, RollerCoaster minigames and the BattleSwirl. Will apply a little bug fix also, so the Snowboard game won't crash so often. A fix for the BattleSwirlCrash now included. Previous version can be found here, but I don't recommend using it - it lacks most of these fixes.
 - TransparentDialogBoxesPatch - Will make the dialog boxes transparent.
 - NoDialogBoxesPatch - Will make the dialog boxes vanish (will overwrite the TransparentDialogBoxesPatch). For those 2 patches, info here.
 - 9999LimitBreakingPatch - Removes the cap for HP/MP/Damage in your FF7. Normal version here (outdated).
 - Gypt - Allows you to skip FMVs when playing FF7. Previous version (with different approach) here. Readme for the YAMP version here and a little bit of explanation about how to use it here.
 - LuckyTifa - Tifa will always get "Yeah!" in her limit break. Some info here and here.
 - LuckyCaitSith - Allows you to manipulate CaitSith's TheSlotsLimitBreak. More info here.
 - AlwaysRun - The main char will run in field by default - press and hold <CANCEL> to walk. Origins here. discontinued

Download links:

AlwaysRun discontinued

Any suggestions/questions? Post them here.


Edit: 2020-03-19 updated links

Mod Edit (SB): Added release tag.

-gone away-:
Nice work, keep up the good stuff.  :D

I'll have part one of a mod which should make good use of your 9999LimitBreakingPatch soon (I hope, its all rather slow to change every value). Basically each monster is asigned a new lvl and then thier stats are scaled accordinly to what their level should be. This way creatures that are already high level(e.g. tonberry / vlad) dont get changed but creatures that desperately need better stats e.g. north cave creatures get anything from 1.1 * stat to 2.5 * stat increase which is pretty significant. Unfortuantly there is a downfall in which midgar due to the fact that so many of the creatures appear there (about a quarter of them) will take much longer to get through and you will be about lvl25 i think before you get out of there.

Anyway i look forward to seeing creatures dishing out 15000 worth of fire elemental damage.


--- Quote from: smithie ---Unfortuantly there is a downfall in which midgar due to the fact that so many of the creatures appear there (about a quarter of them) will take much longer to get through and you will be about lvl25 i think before you get out of there.
--- End quote ---
What about adding new monsters? They will share the same animation, but will have different stats (because of different record in scene.bin). No collisions that way.


-gone away-:
I might just down them a few levels so they dont damage the players too much.

Is there anyway to manipulate the amount of damage that one character can take or give? I'm talking about teammates in this case, not monsters. For example, setting the maximim damage that can be received by Cid (or character in the 3rd position in battle mode or something like that).


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