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It stops the moment you confirm Ifrit's name, personally i just wait on that screen and use an external timer to check how much time is left.

You got 0 points because the timer reached 0:00, it needs to be between 0:07 and 0:01 to get 100. I don't know if it was always like this in the PC version or something they added on the steam edition.

1.0c released:
- Nicer GUI;
- Improved open, save and exit code;
- Added a status bar;
- Fixed a small issue with items list;
- Price values can only be changed with arrows, to prevent users to input values that aren't a multiple of 10.

Oops, sorry for the double release, i forgot to delete some unused code

1.0d released:
- Deleted some unused leftover code.

Thanks for letting me know, link fixed.

@kaspar01 Can you  post a screenshot?

@Girl next door Weird, i can open it just fine

No, you need to use Hyne for that.

Money is in misc section. Yes it works on FF8 pc, actually that's the only version i tested. :D

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] init.out editor - Quezacotl (v1.0.0)
« on: 2016-09-07 11:58:15 »
I was tired of hex editing init.out so i decided of doing an editor for this as well   :-P

Quezacotl is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 init.out, this file is loaded when starting a new game.

Thanks to Maki for his help with text, Melchior1 for allowing me to use his Quezacotl image and to myst6re for the documentation of the save format and Hyne.

This software requires .NET Framework 4.6 to run.

Feel free to send a donation if you want, creating software takes away a lot of free time.

Hate to bring another report,
[Bug report]:
[Title]: GF status attack Confusion modifications won't save correctly.
[Description]: Minor issue, GF section, under General, at status attack it seems that just Confusion (yes only that) check box is not working, if checked, then save and reload it won't be checked.
Thanks for the report, bug fixed. I'll wait another couple of weeks before releasing 1.0.2.

Yes, it was updating the kernel with the status attack value. :P

Updated to version v1.0.1, download link is in the first post.

Changelog  v1.0.1
- Added attack type to weapons section
- In weapons section hit bonus has been renamed to attack param
- Enemy attacks, attack type and magic ID lists are improved
- Added ignore vit attack to enemy attacks chart
- Improved info in GF damage chart.
- Fixed a bug in magic -> junction -> status defense
- Some others minor bugs fixed

Yes in the kernel there are pretty much only battle related stuff. Also doomtrain can edit almost all of the kernel data section, if something it's not in it chances are it's not in the kernel.

[Bug report]:

Hi, I found what seems a bug (cuz it is affecting my mod, i am playing the game).
[Title]: magic junction modifications won't save correctly.
[Description]: at magic section, under junction, if I move the status defense percent of esuna from 20% to 30%, save and then reload the percent is set to 0.
Bug found and fixed, i'll wait a week or two before releasing a new version to see if other bugs are found.
For those who don't want to wait fork or clone the test branch and compile yourself.

The enemy dies during the attack, apart from that the attack looks like it's working fine.
There's something triggering the death before it should happen but i have no idea what it is, JWP should give a look at it tomorrow.

I didn't test it but maybe you could get around this by simply editing rough divide to be lion heart but you'll lose rough divide this way.

@Girl next door: If i recall correctly for abilities already learned from the start you need to change init.out and start a new game. Format is pretty much the same as save.

Attack param does different things depending on the attack hence why the generic name. For example with fixed damage attack type it is used to subtract from power*100.

No idea apart from editing the hardcoded crit formula, which is not easy to do.

For names you can use the editor Carbuncle.

Which refinement ability can transform which item i don't think it's in the kernel. m00x file are in, 255 means it's hardcoded and offsets should be the offsets to the selected m00x file if i remember right.

Hello! Myself, Maki and JWP are happy to finally release Doomtrain!  ;D

Doomtrain is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 kernel.bin, it can edit most of the data section present in the file.  :evil:

It's important to say that as this is the first public release it's possible a few bugs are still present, but we did our best to fix everything wrong we saw.
If you find a bug please report it in this thread.

Download Doomtrain v1.0.0
Download Doomtrain v1.0.1

alexfilth: coding and a little bit of reverse engineering.
Maki: coding.
JWP: helping me with a lot of stuff, coding and the vast majority of the reverse engineering.

Not much, this month for sure.

1.0b released, minor update:

- prices are now multiplied by the editor itself;
- the button for closing the about dialog is removed, to close the dialog click anywhere on it.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: FF8 ID item's list
« on: 2016-06-29 00:03:18 »
This should be everything unless i had a brainfart

Code: [Select]
0x00 - None
0x01 - Potion
0x02 - Potion+
0x03 - Hi-Potion
0x04 - Hi-Potion+
0x05 - X-Potion
0x06 - Mega-Potion
0x07 - Phoenix Down
0x08 - Mega Phoenix
0x09 - Elixir
0x0A - Megalixir
0x0B - Antidote
0x0C - Soft
0x0D - Eye Drops
0x0E - Echo Screen
0x0F - Holy Water
0x10 - Remedy
0x11 - Remedy+
0x12 - Hero-Trial
0x13 - Hero
0x14 - Holy War-Trial
0x15 - Holy War
0x16 - Shell Stone
0x17 - Protect Stone
0x18 - Aura Stone
0x19 - Death Stone
0x1A - Holy Stone
0x1B - Flare Stone
0x1C - Meteor Stone
0x1D - Ultima Stone
0x1E - Gysahl Greens
0x1F - Phoenix Pinion
0x20 - Friendship
0x21 - Tent
0x22 - Pet House
0x23 - Cottage
0x24 - G-Potion
0x25 - G-Hi-Potion
0x26 - G-Mega-Potion
0x27 - G-Returner
0x28 - Rename Card
0x29 - Amnesia Greens
0x2A - HP-J Scroll
0x2B - Str-J Scroll
0x2C - Vit-J Scroll
0x2D - Mag-J Scroll
0x2E - Spr-J Scroll
0x2F - Spd-J Scroll
0x30 - Luck-J Scroll
0x31 - Aegis Amulet
0x32 - Elem Atk
0x33 - Elem Guard
0x34 - Status Atk
0x35 - Status Guard
0x36 - Rosetta Stone
0x37 - Magic Scroll
0x38 - GF Scroll
0x39 - Draw Scroll
0x3A - Item Scroll
0x3B - Gambler Spirit
0x3C - Healing Ring
0x3D - Phoenix Spirit
0x3E - Med Kit
0x3F - Bomb Spirit
0x40 - Hungry Cookpot
0x41 - Mog's Amulet
0x42 - Steel Pipe
0x43 - Star Fragment
0x44 - Energy Crystal
0x45 - Samantha Soul
0x46 - Healing Mail
0x47 - Silver Mail
0x48 - Gold Armor
0x49 - Diamod Armor
0x4A - Regen Ring
0x4B - Giant's Ring
0x4C - Gaea's Ring
0x4D - Strength Love
0x4E - Power Wrist
0x4F - Hyper Wrist
0x50 - Turtle Shell
0x51 - Orihalcon
0x52 - Adamantine
0x53 - Rune Armlet
0x54 - Force Armlet
0x55 - Magic Armlet
0x56 - Circlet
0x57 - Hypno Crown
0x58 - Royal Crown
0x59 - Jet Engine
0x5A - Rocket Engine
0x5B - Moon Curtain
0x5C - Steel Curtain
0x5D - Glow Curtain
0x5E - Accelerator
0x5F - Monk's Code
0x60 - Knight's Code
0x61 - Doc's Code
0x62 - Hundred Needles
0x63 - Three Stars
0x64 - Ribbon
0x65 - Normal Ammo
0x66 - Shotgun Ammo
0x67 - Dark Ammo
0x68 - Fire Ammo
0x69 - Demolition Ammo
0x6A - Fast Ammo
0x6B - AP Ammo
0x6C - Pulse Ammo
0x6D - M-Stone Piece
0x6E - Magic Stone
0x6F - Wizard Stone
0x70 - Ochu Tentacle
0x71 - Healing Water
0x72 - Cockatrice Pinion
0x73 - Zombie Powder
0x74 - Lightweight
0x75 - Sharp Spike
0x76 - Screw
0x77 - Saw Blade
0x78 - Mesmerize Blade
0x79 - Vampire Fang
0x7A - Fury Fragment
0x7B - Betrayal Sword
0x7C - Sleep Powder
0x7D - Life Ring
0x7E - Dragon Fang
0x7F - Spider Web
0x80 - Coral Fragment
0x81 - Curse Spike
0x82 - Black Hole
0x83 - Water Crystal
0x84 - Missile
0x85 - Mystery Fluid
0x86 - Running Fire
0x87 - Inferno Fang
0x88 - Malboro Tentacle
0x89 - Whisper
0x8A - Laser Cannon
0x8B - Barrier
0x8C - Power Generator
0x8D - Dark Matter
0x8E - Bomb Fragment
0x8F - Red Fang
0x90 - Arctic Wind
0x91 - North Wind
0x92 - Dynamo Stone
0x93 - Shear Feather
0x94 - Venom Fang
0x95 - Steel Orb
0x96 - Moon Stone
0x97 - Dino Bone
0x98 - Windmill
0x99 - Dragon Skin
0x9A - Fish Fin
0x9B - Dragon Fin
0x9C - Silence Powder
0x9D - Poison Powder
0x9E - Dead Spirit
0x9F - Chef's Knife
0xA0 - Cactus Thorn
0xA1 - Shaman Stone
0xA2 - Fuel
0xA3 - Girl Next Door
0xA4 - Sorceress' Letter
0xA5 - Chocobo's Tag
0xA6 - Pet Nametag
0xA7 - Solomon Ring
0xA8 - Magical Lamp
0xA9 - Hp Up
0xAA - Str Up
0xAB - Vit Up
0xAC - Mag Up
0xAD - Spr Up
0xAE - Spd Up
0xAF - Luck Up
0xB0 - LuvLuv G
0xB1 - Weapons Mon 1st
0xB2 - Weapons Mon Mar
0xB3 - Weapons Mon Apr
0xB4 - Weapons Mon May
0xB5 - Weapons Mon Jun
0xB6 - Weapons Mon Jul
0xB7 - Weapons Mon Aug
0xB8 - Combat King 001
0xB9 - Combat King 002
0xBA - Combat King 003
0xBB - Combat King 004
0xBC - Combat King 005
0xBD - Pet Pals Vol.1
0xBE - Pet Pals Vol.2
0xBF - Pet Pals Vol.3
0xC0 - Pet Pals Vol.4
0xC1 - Pet Pals Vol.5
0xC2 - Pet Pals Vol.6
0xC3 - Occult Fan I
0xC4 - Occult Fan II
0xC5 - Occult Fan III
0xC6 - Occult Fan IV

FF8 Tools / [PC] mwepon.bin editor - JunkShop (1.0d)
« on: 2016-06-17 21:39:08 »
JunkShop is a little editor for the file mwepon.bin, this file contains the informations about weapons prices and the items necessary to modify them. The file is inside menu.fs.
It has been tested on the PC steam edition and it should also work on the PC2000 edition. It requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 to work.
Let me know if you have any issues.

Download JunkShop 1.0d

1.0b released:
- prices are now multiplied by the editor itself;
- the button for closing the about dialog is removed, to close the dialog click anywhere on it.

1.0c released:
- Nicer GUI;
- Improved open, save and exit code;
- Added a status bar;
- Fixed a small issue with items list;
- Price values can only be changed with arrows, to prevent users to input values that aren't a multiple of 10.

1.0d released:
- Deleted some unused leftover code.

Junk shop stuff is in mwepon.bin

33 entries - 12 bytes each
Code: [Select]
Shear Trigger
Cutting Trigger
Flame Saber
Twin Lance
Lion Heart
Metal Knuckle
Chain Whip
Slaying Tail
Red Scorpion
Save the Queen
Rising Sun
Shooting Star
Morning Star
Crescent Wish
Strange Vision
Machine Gun

Code: [Select]
3 bytes - unknown
1 byte - price (multiplied by 10)
1 byte - first item needed
1 byte - quantity of first item needed
1 byte - second item needed
1 byte - quantity of second item needed
1 byte - third item needed
1 byte - quantity of third item needed
1 byte - fourth item needed
1 byte - quantity of fourth item needed

We documented a lot of kernel sections tonight. :P

It's going to take some time to put everything in the editor, don't quote me on this (i didn't talk with JWP and Maki) but i think we might release a first version when we're happy with the sections that are currently in (magic, GFs, characters, weapons, blue magic and maybe some abilities).

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