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Title: [FF7 PC/Steam] My Take on 60 FPS Mod
Post by: Sapphire on 2020-12-17 12:21:09
Howdy all, really really REALLY long time, no see.

The remake was a bust for me personally, I don't care for it at all. So I have focused my attention on the original again.

So far, I have got the entire game running at 60 fps, I do have the usual battle sequences being too fast so this will take a while to correct however it all works, animations, timing, sounds are all correct.

Video : General showcase of what I have so far, all 60 FPS

Video : Re-render and interpolation of this test FMV, I used the Remako upscale FMV for this so all credits to the creator

As I am incredibly lazy this project will more than likely be a bust lol but I've also lost my job this close to Christmas so I am depressed as fuck so maybe this will cheer me up?