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l wanna use doomtrain with it but there is only main.zzz so l have to idea where to find kernel.bin to extract for modding.

Support / Anyone still have a link to rose and wine?
« on: 2020-09-30 15:24:52 »
l know there is a question about it just 2 topic below but there is no link in that post either. There is a link to discord but l'm lost and have no idea how to use it. l would be nice if someone still have torrent or direct link to rose and wine final version.

In Doomtrain 1.1 tools , there is no option to do so for attack + darkside command. So do l have to hex edit the game manually? if so , anyone know how?

So l modded the field.fs file with Deling modding tool so that one of the gate in front of Ultimecia's Castle send me back to Balamb Town. However , after l entered the exit gate and the screen changed to the entrance of Balamb Town there is no 3d models of my characters on the screen so l cannot walk and stuck there forever.

What do l have to do to make it work? Thanks .

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