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i received a warning for insulting someone in the damn private messages, still the administrators keep doing the usual mistake that happen in every single damn forum , the mistake is to miss the part where someone have been deliberately annoying and infuriating, we are humans and our patience have a limit, if someone don't want to be insulted then it must avoid to be infuriating like that idiot was , so please from now on instead of give a waring to someone who insult just try to understand what happened and why the insults come , because i don't insult people for the fun of it , if that was the case i wouldn't even need an excuse , the warning should be for the annoying people who know this little trick about make people angry without use any insult , they make us mad , we use insults an then they report the insults , please stop to feel in those stupid tricks because those people are what make the forum really problematic, people that can't mind their own damn business and that bully others with their fake nice manners becuse they know how administrators behave

long story short: sometimes the insults are deserved and so the one who deserve a waring are those who asked for them, not the one who insulted, i can imagine that he was crying to the administrators saying that i insulted him for no reason , truth is that he deliberately missed the part where he provoked me , what a strange coincidence , they never explain why people insult them , and this happen even in the other forums

is there anyone who discovered how to mod the game files in order to permanently apply the positive status ? please if none know that then just say it ok ? at least i will avoid to keep watching this post hoping for someone to help me

Releases / final fantasy 8 boss battle transition effect
« on: 2019-12-08 07:44:57 »
actually the psx version is the only one that introduce the battles with the bosses with a transitory effect , while every pc version introduce those battles with a cheap and shitty effect that it really sucks , would be hard to port in to the remastered version the transitory effect from the psx version ?

what's the file were are stored the data about the "auto" abilities? i want to change the effect of auto-reflect with another positive status such as triple or the invincibility effect granted by the item "holy war"

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