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Every couple of months I drop by to see if anyone's tackled the data from these two, so here's my latest shot :P

Search turned up a few things for Crisis Core back in January, anything come of that?

At the moment, I'm interested in trying to get a hold of the textures from both games, preferably with knowing where they're from in the game if possible.

Has anyone done any work with Dirge of Cerberus?  It's been out for a year now, but I haven't heard or seen much of anything being done with the raw data.

Specifically, I'm looking to get a hold of the textures, preferably with some way of identifying where they're from in the game. 

I'd also like to get a better look at the unlockable concept art in the game, since Square doesn't seem willing to release that art in any other venue.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Dirge of Cerberus
« on: 2006-08-27 19:58:56 »
As in, is anyone working on it?

Did anyone happen to save copies of any/all the old sprite edits I used to post on the boards?  The helicopter model, various Tifa edits, etc, etc?

General Discussion / Translation request, should be easy
« on: 2004-11-11 05:39:32 »
Since someone brought it up with me a little while ago, has anyone translated the kanji that's on the ShinRa logo?  I'd assumed it said ShinRa, but I was just told it doesn't.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 sound database
« on: 2004-11-02 04:38:40 »
Anyone have any of the old database files for the audio.dat file in FF7?  ie; what sound is what?

I'm looking for the .25 version of Ifalna that Fice developed about a week before he released .30;  basically, .25 fixed the colouring problems and a few minor bugs that were present in .21, but still allowed substitution of Ultima edited polys (Which .30 locks up if you try it with, due to the updates in the coding and whatnot)

General Discussion / FF7 PSX viewer
« on: 2003-12-28 09:03:06 »
While back, a link was posted to a program that viewed the Playstation version of FF7's field files, with animations and everything.  Anyone happen to remember which thread that was in, or have the link?

General Discussion / Rocket Town BG edit
« on: 2003-04-21 20:18:25 »

useful for remake maybe?

General Discussion / Small bit of FF7 trivia
« on: 2003-04-07 02:43:45 »
What was Sephiroth's equipment during the Nibelheim flashback?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 Minigames
« on: 2003-03-30 20:27:50 »
Has there been any looks into the various minigame mechanics and models and all that, by any chance?

specifically, I'm interested in the models for the Sub and Bike game..

Troubleshooting / Ultima .031
« on: 2002-08-03 20:25:13 »
I know Alhexx is on Holiday, but figured I'd get started on the bug list...  :-?

1) Scaler doesn't scale anything.  Also crashes if not in decimal increments.
2) Translator crashes if you try using it on a model without an Edge/wireframe model
3) Trying to add any preference settings causes Runtime Errors

Some previous errors that're still in effect;
) Runtime error '9' subscript out of range if you try and view the wireframe of an edited model
) - key now works in editing verts, but Backspace, and the CTRL+C&V are still down

Troubleshooting / Ultima Bug
« on: 2002-07-18 02:08:27 »
Narrowed down another of the random "Runtime Error 9" triggers;

Trying to view any field sprite head that doesn't use textures for it's eyes (ie; anyone wearing glasses)

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Battle Locations
« on: 2002-06-23 05:12:49 »
I've been going through the locations and their textures, mainly to compile a database for anyone who's interested.

So far;
Code: [Select]

og  -  nazzing
oh  -  Bizarro Sephiroth
oi  -  Grassland
oj  -  Midgar Area?
ok  -  Forest
ol  -  Shoreline
om  -  Desert or Mt. Corel
on  -  Arctic
oo  -  Swamp?
op  -  Sector 1 (Train)?
oq  -  Reactor
or  -  Reactor
os  -  Reactor 1 Enterance
ot  -  Subway
ou  -  Mythril Caves?
ov  -  ShinRa HQ
ow  -  Air Ducts?
ox  -  Hojo's Lab
oy  -  Elevators
oz  -  Roof
pa  -  Highway
pb  -  Don Corneo's
pc  -  Cathedrel
pd  -  Woodlands?
pe  -  Midgar Slums?
pf  -  ShinRa HQ?
pg  -  ShinRa HQ?
ph  -  Sector 7 Pillar Stairs
pi  -  Sector 7 Pillar Control
pj  -  Sector 8?
pk  -  Sewers
pl  -  Cave
pm  -  Cave
pn  -  Corel passage?
po  -  Junon Beach
pp  -  ShinRa Freighter
pq  -  Corel
pr  -  Battle Square
ps  -  Da Chao
pt  -  Cid's
pu  -  Gi cave?
pv  -  Reactor 5 Enterance
pw  -  Whirlwind Maze
px  -  ShinRa Mansion
py  -  Junon Aerodrome
pz  -  Cave

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Various Followups
« on: 2002-06-15 19:15:26 »
Just wondering about some stuff that no one's seemed to have replied to me about...   :weep:

Fice:  Did you look into that double digit thing?
Seph3d:  Did you get your FF7 working right again?



General Discussion / Eastbound and Down
« on: 2002-05-30 20:54:34 »

Generic ShinRa, Inc. Delivery truck, re-modeled from scratch as a replacement for the World Map's buggy.

I lost interest in aligning the wheels correctly for the moment.  Maybe in the future.  :P

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Battle Skeletons
« on: 2002-05-27 00:56:15 »
I've noticed a lot of progress on the battle files the past few weeks/months....Any possibility of an LGP tools update, or similar program that'll let someone who hasn't gotten into Hex-editing fiddle with stuff like the Skeleton data (like with char.lgp's HRC files)...?   :weep:

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Ergheiz
« on: 2002-05-23 18:41:15 »
Just out of curiosity, has anyone taken a crack at the models and whatnot from Ergheiz?

General Discussion / Whistling Death
« on: 2002-05-22 05:20:34 »
ShinRa Fleet Yards Type a4 gamma "Koltrast" Assault Gunship
Still tweaking it, but I think it's looking rather nice so far.   8)
It may not look it, but those are Co-axial Contrarotating props, which I do have rotating correctly in Ifalna using an existing Animation.  gg ez $$ :D

I like ominous and cryptic thread names.  :D

I'm talking about a few of the messed up .p files, one of the more noticable ones being Hojo's head...Field and Battle.  Offhand, others (that I've been able to figure out what they're *supposed* to be.  There are a few whacky ones in char.lgp that have me stumped) are the Pinball machine, and the Warning Board - type enemies.

I know it's been mentioned that some models don't display correctly in the various tools, but I haven't found anything about what the problems may be., any of the more well versed fellows want to chip in what they know?

Lacking any other info, I'm thinking it *might* be related to the same problem in the HRC files that was error'ing the models with more than 9 .p files lined to any given joint.  In case no one caught that the first time I mentioned it, i'll recap;

also have a theory on why certain files don't work correctly, and why modified/created files seem to have problems being integrated into the actual game.

I'll start off with the easiest example I can think of:
Try viewing Heri2_st in Ifalna. Unless I've got some kind of unique set of errors, it shouldn't work for anyone else, either.

Open up it's HRC file in Notepad (bzhf.hrc)

Look at the Body-Root bone, and notice it's got 12(!) RSDs linked to it, and thus has a number 12 in front of the string. Replace that 12 with a single digit (It doesn't seem to matter at all; I used an 8, based off heri_st). Save it, append it, link it, and all the work needed to replace the original file with this new one, and *now* try and view it in Ifalna.

...And now it works. I used the same method on the Chocobo Wagon, and if there are any other models with more than 9 RSDs linked to a single bone, this method will probably work.

Now I'm moving into a field I'll probably have trouble explaining correctly, but here goes:
Somewhere, I think one or more of the programs are having difficulty translating the base ten system into hexidecimal. Using the above example...Instead of properly reading the correct number for the body-root bone (twelve), It's reading it as a One, and then interpeting the Two as a seperate character.

I'm not sure how widespread this problem might be, or even if I'm anywhere close to being on the right track...but if I am, then a *lot* of the translation / conversion problems you guys have might be due to the same basic problem: Reading any integer over 9 as two seperate numbers.

The reason I bring this up, is because it seems that the .p files that are showing up screwy have a large number of polys/verts in it might be reading some double-digit number as two seperate ones as well?

General Discussion / Erm. By popular Request
« on: 2002-05-10 07:54:39 »
Hm ... Tifa in Bikini ?

Originally spoken by Regina (Dino Crisis)
"That's a great idea!"

Hey, if you do this, that could bring us a lot of fans and new members!
- Alhexx

Well, it turned out to be a bit more involved than I first thought, but since there was such a demand for it....

I'll probably fix it up some more tomorrow.

General Discussion / "I like Guns." - Alan Thompson
« on: 2002-05-09 09:01:11 »

ShinRa Munitions HMR-2980 "Deathwalker" Heavy Machine Rifle™

ShinRa Munitions SDR-650 "Lindstradt" Modular/Multi-round Long Rifle™

ShinRa Munitions MMG-6628 "Street Sweeper" 11mm Assault Gun™

Also, Cars with the random A*M cannon mounted on the hood.

Tomorrow:   Baseball bat weilding Moogles?  Cats with spinal-mounted Proud Clod cannons?  Tifa in a bikini?  RoboCop-ified President ShinRa?

...haven't decided yet.  Probably just more guns.

For quite a few of the Field Sprite's Head models, there are a number of duplicated vertices that appear to be totally unused, and that Ultima doesn't recognize them correctly.  Example:  duab.p from Char.lgp  Vertices 110-121 are not linked to any polygons, are colored at the maximum values (255-255-255), and if you attempt to do a Color patch, or add a new vertex, Ultima doesn't seem to realize they exist.  When you attempt to create a new Vertex, it will try and create Vertex 110...And if you hit "Okay" to apply it, Crash.  Obviously because there already *is* a 110 Vertex.  Looking through the other vertecies, it appears that each of those vertexes are duplicated from the ones making up the Face.  When I altered another head with similar additional Vertecies, Since there was no way to add new Vertices, I tried altering the seemingly unused ones for what I needed, but now it crashes Ifalna if I try and view it on a model.

Do these vertices have something to do with the Textures?

Archive / Requests / Suggestions
« on: 2002-05-02 22:34:23 »
Alright, I figured I'd condense all the ramblings I've done about all the spiffy programs that are out into one post.  As always...not intended as complaints or anything derogatory.  :wink: Most of these are just really minor things dealing with the interface that are more irritating to me than anything really important.  I'm also not quite sure what would be involved in making any of these things possible, so if I'm asking for something outrageously complex, feel free to call me an idiot and curse my anscestors or whatnot.  -.-

  1) For the XYZ sliders used in most of the programs, is it possible to have default position in the middle, instead of the far left?  Also, what about an easier way to do some of the more common translations (45, 90, etc), or at least markers of some kind?
  2) A stand-alone .p Previewer.  I know there are a few of them around, but most of them have fixed size / background colors.  I tried using Mirex's Conv tools, and Alhexx's .p Previewer, but the Black background in Alhexx's made it impossible to see the model, and Mirex's was fixed-size, and had a background almost as dark.  The one included in LGP tools would be ideal, but without having to append/link files to an LGP

  1) Fixed ratio viewing
  2) The ability to read files not in an LGP?  Either reading from a folder(s) or something of the like.  the Main reason is that I've been doing a lot of HRC editing, but in order to view them, I have to append and re-link each time I tweak something, which in addition to being a fairly involved process that bloats the size of the LGP I use....also isn't always reliable.
  2a) Instead of having to append the files to the LGP, or decompressing all the files into a folder like above, a way to use an LGP as a "resource", but also allowing you to select files from outside the LGP to superceede what's in the LGP?  Not sure if that makes sense..  
  3) A way to create a new animation, instead of overwriting existing ones
  4) A way to duplicate a given frame in an animation edit to the rest of the frames
There are quite a bit of things that would make working with the animations easier, but I'm not sure how well those are understood.

  1) Uh, Trying to create a new LGP files doesn't seem to work...
  2) Trying to use the "replace" button instead of doing the advanced editing (append/relinking) most often leads to a corrupted LGP
  3) If you try to use the "Extract all files" from an HRC file, it only extracts the first .p files on each bone.  Example;  You try and extract the .p files for the one of the Cloud models with his Sword.  Since the sword is a second .p linked to the hand bone, it won't extract the sword, just the hand.  This gets even more pronounced when trying something like the Chocobo cart or Helicopters, which have 8+ .p files on the root bone.
  4) Recognizing that __am-cz files in Battle.lgp are .p files.  Being able to view the other files, like you can in the other LGPs would be nice too.  :wink:

  1) *please* make the program usable in 800*600 resolution...
  2) Related to the above, perhaps splitting the interface into several dockable toolbars, like Ficedula's programs?
  3) A way to manipulate more than one Vertex/Poly at a time.
  3a) Something similar to the Color Patch, but instead capable of doing simpler translations (ie; move the entire model / section +1x, -2y, .004z)
  3b) Something more complex; The ability to rotate the model's positioning in relation to the root.  Accomplishing that for *any* angle is probably too much to ask, but the ability for 90° increments shouldn't be too difficult; it's mostly swapping one axes' value for another one, and/or reversing the positive/negative signs
  3c) Scaling.  Again, maybe not the easiest thing to accomplish, but I'd think rescaling by decimal-sliding (ie, factor of 10, 100, 1000, .1, .01, etc) wouldn't be too hard.
  4) I'm not sure of how to remedy this easily, but if you edit a model, and then try and view the wireframe...Crash.  Has to do with the Edges not being changed along with the Vertex/Polygon pools I think.
  5) When you create/edit a Polygon, you can only use vertices numbered less than the amount of total Polygons...The Error-checker is reading the wrong set of numbers, I'd think.  
  6) Deleting Vertecies leads to a crash most of the time
  7) ...Create New .p file?
  8) Saving new Preferences
  9) Creating new Preferences from current view?
  10) Duplicate Vertex/Polygon.  Useful for models lacking a side, or if you're ceating one from scratch.  Duplicate the side, negate one value so it flips.
  11) A whole slew of keys don't work when you're editing/creating vertices. Like, Important ones.  -, backspace, CTRL+C, CTRL+V

I think that's enough for today... ::innocent whistle::

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