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Completely Unrelated / Hey! It's been a while...
« on: 2013-07-08 01:04:20 »
I haven been here in years, but with FF7 being on Steam, I got to thinking about this place. (Heard about that over on the Star Citizen forums. Someone asked where the Win7 patches were, and I told him to come here.)

What I have I been up to? Let's see... I got into World of Warcraft for a number of years. Made a few good mods, but the game changed too much and lost too much for it to be fun anymore.

I'm currently working on building a modding website called ModCitizen 42 for a crowd-funded game called Star Citizen using the moniker of Kjasi. If you're a fan of space sims, check it out! It's being made by Chris Roberts, who created the Wing Commander series, Starlancer and Freelancer games. My site's going to be the mecca for modding the game (which we're promised is part of the main functionality.)

Not sure if I'll check in here again, but I wanted to say "Hi!". :mrgreen:

Archive / Getting FF7 to work in Windows 2000 (A guild)
« on: 2005-03-28 05:55:20 »
Actually, this guild is really out of date.

The Microsoft compatibility toolkit version 3.0 makes it work in win2k with no problems. (Running in Win98 mode)

That and the Chocobo patch, and you should be set to go.

Maybe it was just the small part I played, but FFX-2 seemed alot like FFX meets Charlie's Angels...

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy X characters
« on: 2005-01-30 19:22:55 »
Quote from: themanwiththemachinegun
In Final Fantasy X, why do the characters have European features in-game but Asian features in FMVs? Has anybody else seen this? Rikku looks totally Asian in that FMV where she takes off her helmet.

In actuality, they look Asianish all the time, you just can't really see the needed details in anything but the FMVs.

God, this topic has turned to Spam...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Darkbasic Pro
« on: 2005-01-18 05:03:10 »


Don't revive dead threads!!

Archive / Signatures
« on: 2005-01-17 19:43:33 »

Stop reviving dead posts!

Yeah... I've stopped doing that signature thing.

Although to make it easier for people, it wouldn't be too hard to mod phpbb to only display your sig on the last post you've made in the topic. (So if you post 3 times in a topic, it would only show the sig in the third post.) I've seen it done, so I know it can be done...

Quote from: halkun
I'm much more intrested in getting a new engine to load the FF7 models than some abstract fan model right now.


Quote from: Almighty_gir
im all for modeling for you guys should the need arise...

theres no point having a nice shiney new engine with no graphical enhancements to show it right?


The problem is, it needs to be a seperate download, unrelated to this, for legal reasons. If we were to do new graphics, and a new engine, people could download the movies, and not even NEED the FF7 discs. (This would break copyrights and stuff.)

You can be responsible for new models... They're gonna do a new engine. But the less you need the FF7 game discs, the less legal it is.

I support the new engine concept, and I look forwards to it, despite the lack of a graphical upgrade, in terms of models and such.

General Discussion / Voodoo 2 + FF7; Does this look good?
« on: 2005-01-13 20:09:17 »
When you compare it to something modern, yes, it's ugly. On the other hand, there's 8 years of difference in the graphics... Hell, the graphics for FF8 blew FF7 out of the water...

But, they have yet to surpass FF7's story, so it balances out.

PC VS PSX graphics: They're too similar to call a winner, but I think the PC has a slightly higher resolution (640x480) which is probably the one thing the PC has over the PSX, graphically speaking.

Archive / FFVIII world map
« on: 2005-01-13 08:41:25 »
What OS are you running? What's your system's specs? What's your video card?

We need this info to help you determine the problem.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Mixing C and C++
« on: 2005-01-13 08:40:05 »
... You know... I've had the idea of building a new engine for FF7 since the start of the remake project. (I even suggested it a few times...) However, the extent of my programming abilities is PHP.

So all I'm going to say is Good Luck, and I'll be here when you need to play-test it.

My idea is literally 3D characters VS 2D Characters. Not Sprites of 3D Characters VS 2D Characters.

MUGEN is a 2-D side-scrolling fighter game that can be VERY customized by the user. You can add new backgrounds, new characters, new sound effects, new music, just about everything.

Unforuntaly, the company that made the game switched to Linux, shortly before the company dissapeared. (Their website no longer works.) Since then, the only way to get it is to find fans who have copies of the software. Although, recently, a windows version of the game (It was orignally a DOS game) has appeared, with the same functions and everything.

I personally would love to make an open-ended engine like MUGEN, and add a lot of stuff that I felt MUGEN was missing, or would make it cooler... (Such as being able to add 3D characters into the game. 2D characters VS 3D characters! *Sigh...*)

General Discussion / Voodoo 2 + FF7; Does this look good?
« on: 2005-01-12 23:19:10 »
The Voodoo 2 was the first 3D card I owned, so here's info from someone who used one:

1) Yes it should work. (Note the "Should".) The signal from your video card (IE: The Radeon) is taken out of the card, and then plugged into the Voodoo 2. From there, the signal is translated, 3Ded, then taken to the monitor. (NOTE: The Voodoo 2 is an accelerator card, and as such, does not output normal video-card signals, such as displaying Windows, like modern cards do. The Voodoo 2 will not enable you to have multiple monitor setups, as it is simply an accelerator, and not a true video card.)

2) Couldn't tell you for sure, but it works adequetly in a Windows 2000 enviroment, but it's not the best. For best results, use Windows 98.

3a) Graphics look equal to, or in some cases, better than the PSX edition of the game. It also runs the original Half-Life REALLY well at 1024x768! (Note: If you use two Voodoo 2s of the same type and brand, and link together using the included card-to-card link-cable, you can double the power of your card's 3D capabilities.)

3b) Yes and no. GlideFX, the video mode the driver uses, is routed through DirectX 5, using Direct 3D for it's graphics. By modern standards, no, it is not better than Direct 3D, but then again, it's also using a much earlier version of Direct 3D...

3c) The Voodoo 2 does NOT have AA.

3d) Not really... Yeah, it's a bit chunkier, but at a max rez of 640x480, it's not going to matter much. (Plus I get a lot of background problems when I use AA, so...)

Hope this helps!

Quote from: Radiosity
Hmm, I wouldn't mind taking a gander at those. What are the names of the files in the .lgp? Yes, I'm a lazy moe, but one with not a lot of time to spare for searching endlessly through .lgp files ;)

I've forgotten, but using Ifalna, it's about halfway down the list or so.

Qhimm is right. They weren't used. Plus, if they only had that one purpose, then why did they model the legs and feet?

I just updated all my FF7 proggies (you guys have been busy while I've been gone... ;) ) and I started looking through all the models in the field.lgp, when I came across something interesting.

I dunno if anyone's mentioned this before, but have you guys noticed the HQ Cloud and Jesse models in there? It's only those two, but they're definatly the quality of the battle models... (And this is from a fresh install of the game...)

Archive / Problem installing FF7
« on: 2004-04-27 20:29:30 »
Got your PM. All due respects to Nori, I've never had this problem.

My problems have always been about the game crashing after the initial loading of a savegame or a new game.

I wish I could help more, but I'm running win2k, so how my OS deals with problems is different, and every other suggestion I could of made has already been mentioned.

Sorry I couldn't help more...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 Wrappers?
« on: 2004-02-02 08:14:03 »
Quote from: Caddberry
Geez i just heard about the re-release of FF7 for ps2.. I heard it was coming out around the time of FF7: AC's release.. So they ditched it huh?

I was told once that AC was being released side-by-side with a PS2 Edition of FF7, by someone who works at a GameStop store...

If so, then they are on silent running about the new version... (No hype, no nothing...)

But I doubt they're making it...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 Wrappers?
« on: 2004-01-25 07:00:14 »
I've always had the thought that, once we figure out everything, we should write a new, unsupported EXE that does stuff like high-rez, 32-bit, and other speed/graphics/sound improvements we've been wanting for quite a while now...

But no one seems willing to try... And that's what's depressing me. (I'd try it, but I'd need a VC++ manual as comprehensive as the manual on

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-20 22:53:33 »
While I really appreciate your help Skillter, I was having these problems with my old Soundcard & Vid-card, so downgrading my system won't help. (Otherwise, I might not of lost interest in FF7, cause I would of been able to play it...)

I'll try doing a clean install again when I get home, but I'm doubtful about the results. My sound-card is also running it's original drivers, so I'll see about getting updates for both it and my vid-card.

Oh, and you wanted to know what I'm running?
Quote from: In my first post, I
Win2k-SP4, GeForce-FX 5950, SB-Audigy 2 ZS, P4-1.8GHz, 1GB Ram.

Let's just say that Doom III is going to scare the shit out of me. :wicked:

ES: Yes, you can do that.

Personally, I used to burn copies of the FF7 discs, just to save my originals, (I still have them too!!) but just the other day, I ripped all four discs into ISO mode, and now, using Daemon Tools, I'm mounting them as normal CDs, and not having a problem with them at all. (I also install from a mounted CD, so....)

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-20 07:43:05 »
Hmm... That might work... If I wasn't already on General Midi... -_- *Wants this fixed NOW.*

Re: Drivers: I don't know if that's an option... I'm running my original drivers that came with my card, and not Nvidia's drivers. And my vid card is rather new (in design terms) so I may get a lot of problems if I "downgrade" them...

New info: Fatal crash going INTO a battle if I'm in software mode.

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-19 21:16:38 »
No, to uninstall/reinstall. (I just freshly installed it!) I only patched what was mentioned in the FAQ. (I trust you guys more than anyone else...)

New game: No, no summons... But I had magic...

I tried using magic, like lighting, but when I opened the magic menu, it froze. It also freezes at the party selection screen. (I was forming a party to look for Sephiroth on the boat to Costa Del Sol.)

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-19 20:41:10 »
Hey guys. Nice to see you all again. I've gotten back into an FF7 kick, what with AC coming out.

Installed FF7, got it running via Aaron's FAQ, (This is a fresh install I'm talking about!) then in EVERY battle, at a random time (but before I can kill anything), I get that crash. I tried it with a New Game, and with a savegame. Same thing both times.

I agree with Aaron that it probably isn't a memory thing. Cause it works fine UNTIL I go into a battle...

Edit: I just did a test... The problem doesn't occur until I go to use a summons. Normal attacking works just fine. Dunno if Magic causes it to crash...

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