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Hey there.. How the topic says, i want to get some images out of a bigger file which format and type is not knows...
I found different headers in the hexcode like "WAV" and "MDL" and so on.. but i am just interested in the images that MUST be there, too ... ^^
But there are no BMP, BM|L, and so on headers... but a little "tim/" in every file... So maybe this is it?! I'm trying to get that file running, but tim is not my format... ^^
Here is a portion:

Somebody can help me with this? :)

General Discussion / FF8 Ragnarok View
« on: 2008-01-07 10:14:50 »
Hey there... I've a simple question...
Is is possible to get a top view out of the ragnarok? You can switch between wide view and look-from-top when u are walking, etc.. but not in Ragnarok...

Is there a way to get this viewport when riding the ragnarok, too?!

Heyhoe folks! :)

I've checked out the actual DS title FFXII: Revenant Wings. With a little tool (dslazy), it is possible to extract the whole files out of the game file.. Which is very handy for me, cause i'm trying to get these lovely minimaps you can see at the upper screen ingame.

In the folder "data/data/Shellscreen/minimap" are many "map_#" called files.. but they are in three total unknown formats..
[Link Deleted]- 46kb
[Link Deleted] - 1kb
[Link Deleted] - 2kb
These files for every map.

Does ANYBODY have an idea, if it is possible to get these "images" act like images?! :)

Please don't post files to Square's copyrighted games on the forum. Not only this, the DS has encrypted carts, which run afoul of U.S. Law. Thanks.


Troubleshooting / FF8 Battle & Field Model Viewer
« on: 2006-07-18 12:52:00 »
Hello Cracks! ^^
I searched for .. well 6hours through this forum to find a FF8 model viewer.
I found amazing Pics from Qhimm, many sentences like "yeah, its working, but i will work on.."

But i did not find a single programm.

So, i have Eight here, Garden as well as Unmass, Biturn, FF8:AC but nothing works well (Biturn shows funny little abstract forms, and thats it).

After researching in the www i found CharEdit by KVaks. It worked! But many models have reversed Heads or Bodys.
Qhimm wrote in one Thread that he fixed the Problem.. but "works on this viewer"...
All these Threads were written in 2004.

So please Qhimm, mirex, or someone else.. could you release this half done projects?

Same with the FF8 Battle Backgrounds.. no answers found just suggestions like "jeah, i'm working on it"...

Some little tools would be WONDERFUL!!! :))


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