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This is just a small release. This is something that I use and I thought perhaps some of you might find this useful.
Here are 3 exe files, a reg file, a batch file for disc switching, and 3 uncompiled batch files that are the same as the exe files, so in total there are 8 files

The .exe files are slightly modified versions of the batch file that comes with FF7 music. The small modification will allow you to run the game without having to insert or mount a disc.
There is one .exe for each disc and they are clearly labeled. The reg file will set your FF7 DataDrive to C:\ if its not already, this is required for the .exe(s) to work, but you can edit the batch files to use whichever drive you like. I included dsic switching batch file because I decided its a good way to switch discs while in game. This batch file was written by Kranmer and I also wanna thank him for helping me understand how to modify the ff7music batch file in the way that I wanted. All credit for the original ff7music.bat script goes to Fidecula or Covarr, I don't know which one these guys wrote it.

why .exe? well because its the only way I can use FF7 with the steam overlay

Instructions and Troubleshooting
Place the .exe files and/or the 3 corresponding batch files into your FF7 install folder. In order for the exe to work you must have a full install of the game and a C:/ drive, however the game does not have to be installed to the C:/ drive, you just need it present on your machine. Also you need to have FF7Music installed in your Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\ so if you used the installer you'll have to move it, which might cause FF7Music to stop working, but its easily fixable. So to fix it if it stops working you'll have to use a registry editor and go HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FF7Music and modify the only entry there and change it to wherever you moved ff7music.exe, for example D:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\. Also you must either be using DLPB's fmv restoration or you must manually move the fmv movies from your game disc to your Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\ folder and set the movie path in a registry editor. You cannot skip this step or the exe's wont work. You won't need to do this if your using the fmv restoration as it should do this automatically but if your moving the movies from the disc manually then you'll have to edit the registry again so in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\ modify the MoviePath to wherever you moved your movies to.

Be sure when editing the registry to always end your entry with a \ and don't just leasve it open at the end or it won't work properly.

To use the disc switch batch file written by Kranmer is very simple. It will ask you two questions first it will ask for a drive letter. So if you have your DataDrive set up to C:\ then you would simply type C and hit enter. Then it will ask you to press 1, 2 or 3 and then hit enter, and this will switch the drive to disk 1, 2 or 3 respectively depending on which disc you want to use. I only use it to switch disks during the game, since the exe will auto start whichever disc you choose but this is very handy tool.

How this works is, if you have a full install of the game the only thing loading from the disc are the movies. So if you run the movies from your hardrive as well then the only thing it will be looking for is the name of the drive that the DataDrive reg entry is set to. The names it looks for are FF7DISC1, FF7DISC2, or FF7DISC3. So the exe file will auto rename drive C to either FF7DISC1, FF7DISC2, or FF7DISC3 depending on which one you click in order to make the game think the disc is loaded, then it will start ff7music.exe and then finally the game itself.

This will not change anything in your drive, only the name of it, and if you use the batch files you can rename whichever drive you want to. It doesn't matter as long you have it set up properly in the registry you can use any disc on your machine.

Hope this is helpful! Also if you would like an .exe file setup to work for a different drive besides see you can use a program such as Quick Batch File Compiler (its not free) to compile the batch files however you want them. If you can't use the program I would be happy to compile an exe for any drive you would like. It only takes a second and I'd be happy to do it.

I see that you are using some of my advices and tricks to do that. This is great. Covarr isn't the author of FF7Music, he just compiled it. Ficedula did write it. I can safely assume that any troubleshooting would be fast to resolve. I would be the one who will try to help people the most. Need a modified Batch file? No prob. Some files don't work? I'm your man. You get the point, I believe. Writing Batch Files is both easy and fun for me.

some help troubleshooting would be great, although I tried to avoid most of the common errors by writing a detailed instructional, I just hope it makes sense XD

Nice work :), my AVG virus scanner does detect this as a virus but im pretty sure its not (AVG seems to detect nearly everything as a virus),
also i did make some small changes to that BAT script i posted, it should now be

--- Code: ---:input
set DRIVE=
set /P DRIVE=Type drive letter: %=%
set INPUT=
set /P INPUT=Type drive name: %=%
if "%INPUT%"=="" goto input
label %DRIVE%: %INPUT%

--- End code ---
so sorry about that  :'(

oh its okay I can just update and reupload, so whats changed?

and its already updated  8-)
by the way I can assure all of you that this is no way shape or form a virus. There is nothing different about the exe and the bat files other than the fact that they are compiled. Darn AVG hahaha


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