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Hi all.

I wanted to point out the revival of the FF7Voice Project with a new audition for the Bombing Mission.

Please see the following thread for further details :

PS : Please don't post in this thread but post on the one in the ff7voice forum instead.

We're still looking for a Barret for those that don't look in the ff7voice subforum.

While other characters could be cast right away as we've got quality auditions for them, you can still send in recordings.  However, the auditions will be ongoing until a Barret is found.  If you think you can do it, please send something in.  If you know somebody who you think could be interested, please let him know about this.

Some level of sound editing is also possible so if you have a somewhat deep voice but just think you don't have a black sounding voicetype, please send something in regardless and we'll see what can be done with it.

Details in the thread linked above.

If you need voice actors/actresses you can contact

They have already finished with half of ff8. Maybe think to use their lines for ff8 too ;)


i will ask a friend of mine if he's interested (im sure his normal voice would fit the character)
no guarantee but at least ill redirect him to this forum if he seems interested. 8)

This project was put on indefinite hiatus some time ago, I think.


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