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  Here it is in mid October, 2011, and I have yet to see a post of you guys finding one. Who knows, maybe I over looked it, if I did I do apologize. But in regards to something that was mentioned in another post by Marc;

--- Quote from: Marc on 2009-09-23 21:12:04 ---Finding a "deep voice black sounding" voice actor has been a particular challenge however.  Just like Vincent was.

Most internet users usually don't have a voice like Mr. T or like Sam Fisher unfortunately.

--- End quote ---
   It may interest you to know though I'm only 21 I naturally have a deep and quite beautiful speaking voice, and I'm very interested in helping out if you're still up for the task. There just may be one problem, I have a very thick Bostonian accent. It could be curbed if I so chose, but it could also help give a little more of an urban feel to the character. Now I don't want that to sound too stereotypical or racist, but it was clearly obvious through the games dialogue that Barret was never meant to be the 'sophisticated' black type.

   Also; don't be discouraged by my low post count, I used to have an account here a long time ago when I was younger but I forgot my old email/login details. I've been lurking the shadows without an account the past few months since I've been back and finally made a new one.

Edit: Holy hell, I didn't realize how old that post from Marc was.. Still, the point stands. I checked quite a few of the audition threads and still haven't seen a solid casting for Barret.

Sent you a PM.

And more unfortunately, Barrett was never meant to be Mr.T (Advent children is a reasonable indicator), but that is a gripe I will save for my own thread  8-)

I sound a bit like a fruity Lurch from Adams Family.
I have a slight hillbilly accent.
I might do well to voice some of the Ghost Hotel staff.

I just uploaded a Barret audition...never done this before so not sure how things will do.


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