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If there is a program here that was supposed to power this voice project, could I obtain it? Although it would take a massive amount of work to implant every scene in the game with voice acting, I'd at least give it a good try. It's better than being dead, which it is right now.

Tenko Kuugen:
iirc the program exists but will not be released
if you search through the last few threads you'll find the post I'm talking about and with that the user you need to contact to get this working in some way

I believe voicing the entire is impractical.  Most video games arent fully voiced especially Final Fantasy.  Most FMV's are voiced with the occasion cutscene thrown in here or there.  To avoid it going dead and people losing interest let alone separate schedules because people have to make ends meet we should do the same.  Especially with a game this size.


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