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This mod will be available for all PC versions of FF8 (original, Square re-release, and Steam re-release). No release date is set.

We will be voicing all mandatory dialogue. That is, all the dialogue that the player has to view in order to get to the end of the game. Some additional dialogue will be voiced, especially dialogue which builds on the characters' histories, explains the game's lore, or just happens to be humorous. Much of the dialogue will be edited to fix localization issues, or to improve scenes that were previously lacking in emotional depth. While much of the game's dialogue will be different, the overall point and feel of each scene will be unaltered. We're still telling the original story in the same way, and almost all of the game's most memorable lines are untouched. Yes, Seifer still calls Zell a chicken-wuss.

We will also be adding new dialogue to the game that will play as you explore the world and carry out your missions. This will make many of the more boring areas of the game a little more fun to play through. In addition, you may find some alternate dialogue that characters will sometimes speak depending on how you've treated those characters with your dialogue choices earlier in the game. We will also voice over most of the game's battle dialogue, in the hopes that someday we will have the ability to modify battle scripts. The total size of the download is estimated to be between 500-600 MB before compression.

I'll post updates on my twitter feed for projects @ShardFenix

Cast List
Squall - Steven Kelly
Rinoa - Kawaii_Ash
Zell - SenorCape24 (BTVA)
Quistis - Guildencrantz (BTVA)
Selphie - Elle Boleyn Dekkard
Irvine - Christopher Dooley
Edea - Amy Perkins
Seifer - Joey Martin
Laguna - Ben Albright
Ellone -
Cid - MicTheMatt
Fujin - Bluewind61
Raijin - gameusurper (BTVA)
Odine - Alex Beckham
Dr. Kadowaki - Rose Franklin
NORG - Aussieroth
Completion Progress
Scripting: ~90%
Lines finished: 3631 / 6649 (54.6%)
Tech demo ft. Rinoa and Zell
Annoyance dialogue demo
Squall's Speech
Squad Assignments

Original announcement and audition threads:
Audition Thread 2

Man, if this were FF7, I'd audition for Reno in a heartbeat. He's always been my favorite FF character, and my Quinton Flynn impression is pretty decent (and let's face it, he nailed that role, no need to reimagine it).

For FF8... I'll consider auditioning. Maybe for Seifer (though probably not with a Will Friedle/Kingdom Hearts 2 impression). Probably not though, this role is a bit bigger than I want to commit to.


Please contact Shudo Ranmaru aka FFVIIIVoices aka Selfie. She is a great voice actress and there is such a project on YouTube as well but only with video editing. She can provide you with high quality dubs for the first disk.

Here is her channel:
[Teaser] Seifer & Cid: New Cast Members!

[Fandub] Final Fantasy VIII - Episode XIII

And Ruppert Scarr is the perfect voice for Squall.

I have set up a project for the main videos for the Steam version. You can look it up here and help if you want. I just need the dubbed sound (37800HZ 16bit Stereo) for the Replicator's upscaled bink videos.

There are problems with using existing dubs. I would have to get the same actors/actresses to do the rest of the game, and that may not be possible. Additionally, I'm editing some of the game's dialogue to sound more natural when spoken (and to fix some awkward translation issues), so they would have to re-record a lot of the dialogue anyway.

Also, I can dub FMVs without replacing them (in fact, I'm adding voice credits to the opening movie).


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