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Download HERE for use with 7th Heaven.

Download HERE for use with The Reunion.

All these songs have been made to be a faithful representation of the original soundtrack whilst trying to bring up the quality to a more modern standard.

If you would like to hear these tracks before downloading, please check the playlist below.

If you find any issues with looping or the wrong song playing, please let me know so I can fix them ASAP.

As of right now the songs do stop looping at a certain point using the new 7th Heaven 2.0.
A fix is currently in the works and being resolved through the new FFNx driver.

Spoiler: show


 - Looping OGG's, Editing

 - Composing this new pack

 - The Reunion compatibility

Nobuo Uematsu
 - Original Soundtrack and Composer

You can also use my loop testing program to go listen to the loop point endlessly.  In case you need further testing.

Well done on the pack.

Thanks.I do have a way to do it, but from what i can tell it's done.
If there's ever a way to find errors giving it out publicly is probably the fastest haha

I find those tracks a lot better:

That's fine and all but this isn't a random pack i found online.
Someone i work with made these all himself so i turned them into a pack


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