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Looking for a way to record FF8's sound effects

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Hello everybody, I'm new here.

I'm looking for a way to record all of FF8's sound effects. I plan on doing this using an scph 1000 console instead of an emulator (for sound accuracy reasons). My only problem right now is to find a way to play all of FF8's sound effects so I can record them. In FF8's debug room you can play sound effects but not all of the game's sound effects. You can play maybe 250 sound effects at most in the debug room but not the 1500+ sound effects the game has. So I was wondering if you guys had any idea with that matter ? The end goal for me is to be able to replace the sound effects of the steam version.

Hey, have you tried Shard's FF8Audio tool ?

FF8audio is for the pc version of the game. FF8audio will be useful later on to replace the pc version's sound effects with the newly recorded sound effects of the PS1 version (which are much better).

Best way is to do what I did with ff7.  Either the emulator has a record audio option - or use ASIO if possible (internal hardware recording).  I used creative audigy 2 (a rather old card now) with Asio (mix FL should give "what you hear" when using asio) and Adobe Audition.

In order to actually play the effects.... it was easy in FF7 cause I altered a field to allow me to choose which effect to play - and then I ported that field into the PSX version.  You need a way to alter PSX version and add your own sound test.  Maybe Deling will allow you to do it?

Emulator recording is not preferred for accuracy though, because there still isn't even one emulator (or plugin) in existence that successfully replicates the PSX reverb 1:1. The closest one is the open source edition of Pete's DSound plugin, but even that sounds very flat when compared to the real hardware.

If I remember correct, PCSX2 devs have noted this and are planning to implement hardware-accurate reverb, but that one can't even run a PS1 game past the main menu yet, so that won't be an option for a while still.


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