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This mod has been deprecated and replaced by Cosmo Memory
This project started out about a year ago as a little mod to just replace the FF7 UI sounds with the UI sounds from FFXIII. Since that time, it has evolved into something far more... After following the community and modding the game for several years, I noticed the graphical and musical mods were growing and advancing but the sound effects department was totally stalled. I mean, it's an entire 1/3 of what your senses are taking in, besides the visuals and music! I wanted something to match the beautiful/advanced graphical and musical mods provided by the very talented authors/creators of this community... So, I present to you most complete sound effect replacement mod currently available!

The goal of this mod is to give the sound effects of FF7 a complete overhaul/update with carefully chosen, professional quality, accurately timed, equalized, and edited sounds; on a scale previously never achieved. I'm very proud of what I've managed to accomplished so far and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

This mod currently replaces/updates ~480 magic/battle/world sound effects with many more to come.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT the same mod of mine that is included in the Qhimm Media mod. That mod only changes the menu sounds. Some people are apparently under the impression that they are one and the same.

3/14/2020 1.0 Initial Release
Spoiler: show100+ sounds changed:

3/17/2020 1.1 Update:
Spoiler: showAdded 20+ new sounds

3/20/2020 1.2 Update:
Spoiler: show
Replaced a further 130+ sounds

3/21/2020 1.21 Update:
Spoiler: show-Consolidated Bonez' SFX Replacement Pack, FFXIII UI Only, and ProtoX+FFXIIIUI into a single .IRO.
-While I was there, I added 5 small sounds so that you're not hit with vanilla sfx as soon as you jump off the train:

3/26/2020 1.3 Update:
Spoiler: showAdded 43 New World/Field Sounds
Added 14 New Battle Sounds:
Modified Existing Sounds:
-Cursor - Made volume slightly lower
-Bigshot - Made volume slightly louder
-Mindblow - Made volume slightly louder
-Item Get
-Limit Break Cast - Sped up to match animation better

Added Bonus Optional Start Menu Background

Renovated Config Menu

4/9/2020 2.0 Update:
Spoiler: show-Added 183 total new sounds
-Added All Summons
-Added Various World,Enemy Attack Sounds
-Fixed/Updated 15 Existing Sounds
-Discontinued "ProtoX+FFXIIIUI" and "FFXIIIUI Only" due to deprecation
-Turned bonus start menu background off by default
-Added 3 selectable UI Sound options: 2.0 UI Sounds, 1.0, and Vanilla with previews (2.0 on by default)

4/24/2020 2.1 Update:
Spoiler: show-Added new UI sound set: FFX Style
-Relabeled other UI sound sets appropriately: FFVII (Vanilla), FFXIII Style, FFXV Style

7/25/2020 3.0 Update:
-Re-replaced Fire spells
-Fixed all machine gun sounds to loop a little better
-Re-replaced the Limit-Break Casting sound to something more akin to the original
-Touched-up Barret's Big Shot
-Re-replaced Battle Swirl to something less jarring
-Replaced all field button sounds
-Replaced Honey Bee smacking sounds to something less "aggressive"
-Replaced ominous footsteps (for president entrance - sounds amazing with future shuffle addon)
-Re-replaced chest open sound
-Re-replaced Red-XIII's howl to an actual howl - not a growl
-Mod prepared for Shuffle Addon release

Preview/Comparison Video (2.1):


* Green Materia Spells - All done. Comet1+2 and Ultima completed for 2.0
* Party Melee - All done.
* Critical strikes - All done.
* Enemy Skill spells - All done.
* Limit Breaks - Most are done. Still a couple left for like Cid and Vincent
* Enemy attacks - Most are done. All enemy attacks up til Mideel are definitely done. Any stragglers being identified through playthrough.
* World/Field - Most are done. All intended world/field sounds up til Mideel are definitely done (some won't change. Like Corneo. His SFX are perfect as is). Any stragglers being identified through playthrough.
* Fix Barret's Catastrophe limit - fixed for 2.0.
* Summons - They're coming along faster than expected - Coming in 2.0
* 3 Selectable Versions; 1: 2.0 UI Sounds 2: 1.0 UI Sounds 3: Vanilla UI Sounds - Coming in 2.0

This is an IRO file which will require 7th Heaven Mod Manager (see:
Be sure this mod is above any other sound mods in your load order.
I've tested as many sounds as I could and have found no issues. If you run across any, please let me know here
Depending on the music mod you use/don't use, you may need to adjust the music volume down in game. -Better to be too low than too high! Eg; I use EDMusic and Tsuna Arranged and I find SFX:100% and MUSIC:70% to be perfect.
DOWNLOAD HERE Version 3.0 Size: 492MB

If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here


dude might wanna change the name from ProtoX to ProtomanZxAdvent to avoid confusion, i still don't understand why the 7th Heaven 3.0 Catalog uses that old name of mine

The latest IRO for FFXIII UI Sounds + ProtomanZxAdvent might be a little wacky somewhere.  Can't configure and deleting in 7H doesn't delete the file on disk.

I second what Kassius said when you try and change it it says Can not configure mod FFXIIIUI+ProtoX - Failed to read mod.xml

On a side note is there any possible way to get in contact with Seclet to possibly add in the voice sounds in battle i think that would be the perfect mix but cant do it as this Iro overwrites that one


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