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Hello, my name is Corey, and I have made a mod that replaces the music in the Steam release of Final Fantasy VII with the Remake versions from the new game on PS4. 30 songs have been replaced with the new compositions and are as follows:

Lurking In The Darkness
Honeybee Manor
Those Chosen By The Planet
Crazy Motorcycle Chase
Still More Fighting
Don of The Slums
Under The Rotting Pizza
Aerith's Theme
Flowers Blooming In The Church
Victory Fanfare
Gold Saucer
Who Am I?
Trail of Blood
Anxious Heart
mako reactor
Ahead On Our Way
bombing mission
Requiem - game over
Red 13's theme
turk's theme
Mark of a Traitor
The Shinra Corporation
Infiltrating Shinra Tower
Main Theme (overworld)
tifa's theme

It is planned to eventually replace the whole soundtrack, but not all songs have been remade yet and a lot of the jukebox versions are in such low quality they would not sound good in game. However to accomadate for some songs, alternative arrangements from other sources have been used.

Both One Winged Angel and the Chocobo race victory theme use arrangements from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

I am currently having issues replacing the opening music as well due to the new version not properly synching with the video and I am currently working on modifying the mix for that. I am also trying to work on properly looping and implementing Electric de Chocobo.

The following link will allow you to download my first public release of the mod. This is my first ever mod so please leave feedback

Hey, amazing job! I was looking forward a mod like this and I enjoyed a lot. Thanks!
After playing the first part, I realized that some compositions sound really low (like battle soundtrack) and others lauder. You should adjust the volume of the soundtracks and make them sound all of them at the same volume.
I will be following your work! Thank you again!

And I tried to use your mod with other audio mods to complete the missing soundtracks, but the other ones didn't work and the game plays the original game soundtrack. Could you try to solve it?

Shame you didn't make these from the ripped PS4 sound files that are floating around, not that the moderators would allow it here anyway

This is against the rules. You cannot put stuff ripped from other games .


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