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Apologies. It was silly of me to not at least include the names of the areas I was talking about. :P

The above poster is right, the first pic is from the Undersea Mako Reactor. Here's a memory card file from the previous save point in case it's still needed.

And btw, thank you for all your work on this patch!

Found it and it was "semkin_8 - 422" and I also fixed the issue.

FF7 Steam Disc 2b2:

Sorry to be a bother, but I decided to play disc 2 again from start to finnish with the last patch to see if it worked, and well... While I found no problems at the Undersea Mako Reactor, by the time I reached Shinra Sector 8 the glitch gremlin had striked again. =(

Maybe fixing the Undersea Mako Reactor area reintroduced the bug latter in the game? Or maybe I was supposed to apply both patches? I only managed to grab "Disc 2 b2", I missed "Disc 2 b1" *scratches head*

Memory card file just in case.

Sorry for the late reply, been busy to school works.

The data in the photo that was corrupted was md8_b2 and yeah when I checked it in the Makou Reactor, the pic disappeared.

So here's the Disc 2 b3 and it does not connect to the previous ones (Disc 2 b1 and b2) which means apply the patch to the clean Disc 2.

It does work! thank you very much! This is now THE way to play FF7 on PSX imo.  :-D


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