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[FF7 PC] Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on - 1.0 - Deprecated



This mod has been deprecated and replaced by Cosmo Memory.
An optional add-on for Bonez' Sound Effect Suite that plays physical attack sounds randomly from pools of slightly different sounds so repeating actions don't sound the exact same and never plays the same sound twice in a row, as is done in modern games. So when Cloud hits someone with 4xCut or certain Limit Breaks for example, each slashing sound will sound slightly different leading to more realism! Every physical attack and impact in the game is randomized with pools of at least 4 sounds each, as well as a few other appropriate world sounds like doors, buttons, foot steps, etc...

FF7 also has a few missing sound effects (they're technically not missing. They're in the game. The game engine just refuses to play them for some reason) that you may have noticed before like Leviathan's wave. This mod has the ability to play those missing sounds, so I put them back in - the ones I'm aware of off the top of my head, anyway. If I discover more or if anyone knows of anymore, let me know and I'll add them back in as well.

If shuffled sounds are too loud or too soft, change the volume of 7th Heaven in your Windows Volume Mixer accordingly. Changing the volume of SFX in-game will nave no effect on shuffled sounds.

Randomized sounds:
Cloud Melee
Receive Melee Damage
Cloud Critical Melee
Receive Melee Damage 2
Field Kick
Aerith Melee
Field Button 1
Field Button 2
Land From Jump 1
Red 13 Melee
Honey Bee Smack
Field Door
Red 13 Critical Melee
Footsteps (President's entrance sounds awesome!")
Honey Bee Boop
Receive Melee Damage Small
Receive Cut Damage/Sword Impact
Receive Stab Damage
Bite/Lay Flat
Land From Jump 2
Cait Sith Melee
Tifa Punch
Cait Sith Melee 2
Yuffie Critical Melee
Cid Mop Melee
Yuffie Melee
Cid Stab Melee
Tifa Beat Rush Melee
Tifa Kick Melee
Receive X-Small Cut Damage
Sephiroth Melee
Sword on Metal

Missing sounds added back in:
Leviathan's Wave
Part of Neo Bahamut/Part of Omnislash

Preview Video:

After the game is closed, 7th Heaven must be restarted before the sound shuffler will work again. There is a reminder window that pops up when the game closes.

Thanks to ficedula and Martin Barker for the program Ultrasound for which this mod relies and thanks to unab0mb for helping to get Sound Shuffler working correctly with 7th Heaven. Without them, this mod would not be possible

This mod REQUIRES 7th Heaven or later. Available here:
Due to the nature of how this mod works, packing it in an IRO file is not possible, so:
Automatic installation (Recommended):
Download and install automatically from the Mods of the Round catalog in 7th Heaven the same as you would with an IRO.
Manual installation is a little different:
1. Create a new folder in your 7th Heaven mods directory called "Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on"
2. Download the 7zip file from https:///
3. Extract the contents of the 7zip file into the "Bonez' Sound Shuffler Add-on" folder you created.
4. Open/Restart 7th Heaven. If the mod is not automatically imported, Turn on "Import Mods From Library Automatically" in 7th Heaven's General Settings and restart 7th Heaven again.

hi! I'm not sure if this is were I report a bug but your mod causes CTD when talking to barret insided choco billy's farm on disc 1 in the latest New Threat mod. Though you should know.


--- Quote from: chang17lee on 2020-11-06 21:58:47 ---hi! I'm not sure if this is were I report a bug but your mod causes CTD when talking to barret insided choco billy's farm on disc 1 in the latest New Threat mod. Though you should know.

--- End quote ---
I'm aware. Nothing I can really do about it, unfortunately. I can't find a reason as to why it would happen in that specific situation, but it does... That should be the only crash as far as I'm aware, though. You can turn the mod back on as soon as that conversation is over safely.


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