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--- Quote from: daedrixx2 on 2021-03-08 00:06:14 ---Sorry if my post isn't strictly inherent to the topic.

Is there a chance you could possibly upload a vanilla sfx pack for those of us who prefer the original sfx?
You see, the stock sfx playback engine of the game is bugged, and while FFNx has a sfx playback engine with those bugs fixed, it still requires a sfx pack to begin with.
I tried extracting the sfx myself with the old FF7SND (I couldn't get the new version of FF7SND working despite having installed .NET 5 x64 and x86, and having my antivirus off) and with cosmo095c, but after a few battles the game always crashes (if I only play in a field without entering battle mode the game runs fine).
Since you've so much experience with sfx modding, and your modded sfx pack works good, you surely know how to extract the sfx in a way that doesn't make FFNx crash.
That's why I'm asking you.

Thanks anyway  :)

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You shouldn't NEED a sound mod... make sure your sfx option is set to "Original audio.dat" in the 7H driver settings (I'm assuming you're on 7H 2.3 to be having this problem)... If you need further help, hit me up on the qhimm discord. It'd be a lot easier to walk you through it.

Tyler Durden:
Was this mod taken down? the link seems to be broken.

I took it down temporarily as it's all but done and release is imminent.


--- Quote from: Bonez on 2021-04-09 09:57:21 ---I took it down temporarily as it's all but done and release is imminent.

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i am very hyped for this mod. Any update? :D


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