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Greetings and behold, for I come bearing gifts!

Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favorite RPGs and I was excited to get the Remastered version of the game, alas the music in the new release did not receive any changes from the old version...
So one decided to make a music accompaniment rendition for the Remastered game, to match the new standard of the graphics of the Remastered version!
I've dabbled with various mod making at several communities, and have worked with music mods for Might and Magic and Vampire the Masquerade 1.

This is a project to enhance the audio score, bringing new flavor to the music of the game, while staying true to the core sounds of the original. It is aimed to increase immersion and heighten the experience of gameplay.
This music mod is not a typical "arranged soundtrack", nor is it an "orchestral soundtrack"; instead, it is a full Remix of remixes and live performances of the songs in the game, along with all of the above.

I do not own the songs included in this package, neither do I claim possession of any of these performances. I simply remixed the tunes, cleaned noise and improved sound quality, etc.
Credits are given to all the performers, and if in the event a contributing artist encounters this mod and would like their performance removed for whatever reason, then simply say so and I would exclude individual tracks from the compilation. This audio module may not be redistributed and is for personal entertainment only.

This is called Final Fantasy VIII:Remaxed - Enhanced Dynamic Audio soundtrack, for it navigates a narrow path between what is called Remastered, what would be Remake, and what are Remixes, and only a work of virtuosity can bring justice to the creations of Nobuo Uematsu...

E.D.A. is a full music module that replaces all tracks in the game with real instrumentations of themselves. Only 3 tracks are Vanilla : Liberi Fatali, Junction, and Julia's Piano. 85% of the songs play as close to the originals as possible, 10% are progressive renditions of the battle songs (so if you draw for a long time, you don't hear the same thing), and 5% are liberty improvisations (replacing a few weird tunes such as the alien music and the time compression music).

Set Master Volume to 100, Music Volume to 40-50, and Sound Volume to 80-100.

For standard version of the Remastered. (download this if you do not use the DEMASTER)

To junction with the DEMASTER engine, download this instead.


In this soundtrack, I selected the best renditions of all the songs played throughout game, from a series of performances and covers of the tunes in the past. I also re-mixed 30-40% of the very remixes themselves, amplified/reduced, cleaned noise, pitch shifts, volumes, splices, fades, etc. to make sure they would fit into the gameplay's atmosphere. Every scene is dramatically heightened, where you will always feel like you're THERE in every scene, while no sound will stick out(or too quiet) without a musical reason for its appearance. (Remember to put the music volume in-game at ~45% and sound volume at ~85%)

1/ Opening track is the original song in higher quality, staying true from the start.
2/ Balamb Garden's music is done with real instrument sounds, selected to create a serene and innocent atmosphere.
3/ World map music is a mix of two songs into one, with added effects of wind and terrain, making the most peaceful melody possible.
4/ Battle theme is a progressive metal recording of the song, extending over 10 minutes so you don't hear the same tune repeating over and over.
5/ Victory fanfare is a combination of several variations of itself onto one, to carry more of a "victorious" punch when a battle is over.
6/ The dungeon song in caverns and forests sounds close to the original while adding more mystery to the environment.
7/ The marching track of SeeD missions is played in several ways with real instruments, so you don't hear the same drums sound in many repeats.
8/ The Landing is a full orchestra remix instead of the old midi, combined with another variation of the same composition released in the classic FF8 demo. The midi error of the Landing when reloading Save is corrected, so you will hear another version of the song instead.
9/ Communication Tower song is a band recording with real electric instruments, same with Deling City and many other areas.
10/ Birds, wind, fire sounds, ocean waves, thunderbolts and various effects have been added to a few songs.
11/ Laguna's theme is three variations of the song, to represent three characters in the story, Laguna and his friends.
12/ Julia's piano song is the same as the original's, (this is the one track that would freeze the scene if it were altered, also the original version of this one is the best.)

This music mod seeks to dramatize every moment while also will smoothen up certain plot scenes to make the story flow better.
From musical accompaniment, it aims to augment the story experience in disc1 from Good to Great, disc2 from Average to Fair, disc3 from Fair to Haunting, and disc4 from Generic to Nostalgic. Each disc's story arc should flow in terms of music, the weird tunes that broke the story in disc3 (time compression music) were altered to maintain immersion, i.e. it will build up nicely. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a song is worth at least a hundred pictures.

1/ Garden scenes with Quistis in the training center are more sensualized (giving room for the imagination).
2/ Scenes of the sorceresses and important battle encounters are more intense, and all major game events will either be more melancholic or with a sense of urgency.
3/ A selected few cameo appearances from other Final Fantasy games, still all compositions of Nobuo.
4/ Volume variety and moments of silence are added to the songs for dramatic effects, also, the songs will no longer loop over and over, so if you afk for 30 minutes, there will be silence, just reload to hear it.
5/ Story scenes are made more enigmatic than they were, and a huge attempt to smooth out the weirdness factor of the orphanage scene was done to seemingly make it appear like Irvine's philosophical moment and other characters'. The only way to improve that plot dive is in the atmospheric deliverance, the music here should personify a sense of forgetfulness, followed by a long silence so that every line of their explanations make clearer sense, finally the music resumes to add the intrigue element so that it's no longer experienced like a convenient plot-device.
6/ The heights of disc3 are intensified and the lows elevated to maintain the flow of the story. Every romantic scene is dramatized and heightened, so that the romance between the lead characters are more meaningful and natural.
7/ Scenes before the Ragnarok will all build up for the best cover of Eyes on Me of all times.
8/ Seifer's song is boosted to give more depth and reason to the character.
9/ Galbadia and Trabia Garden themes are how I imagine they should sound, one forboding and the other nihilistic.
10/ Annoying tracks were redone to lower the annoy factor, making more sense for the reason of those characters, i.e. Timber owls.
11/ Ultimecia's Castle is a live performance of the same song in a Castlevania style.
12/ Full immersive extensions of every song and remixes of final boss themes for the most nostalgic climax ever.

A Music Mod designed for total immersion, experience Final Fantasy VIII's journey like never before!
(Also recommended to use with various graphics enhancement mods and widescreen stretch for better view.)

- (To fully experience this, it is recommended to play the game without the cheats and only 3x speed during GF summons and large corridors).

This project re-mixes artist performances of the FFVIII songs, and aligns them into a compilation for gameplay.
The original composure is Nobuo Uematsu,
the compiler and re-mixer is yours truly,
and the credit of their alternative performances go to:

(in no particular order)

Enrico Deiana,
Tiago Rodrigues,
Leslie-Anne Snipes,
Fᴇɴɪx Aʀᴋ Aɴɢᴇʟᴜs,
Joseph Goff,
Pontus Hultgren,
Jack Menhorn,
Cris Gale,
Sarayuna Gramola,
Filippo Galvanelli,
Michael Garrett Steele,
Matthew S. Harrison,
Tertius Bellum,
Moon Tone,
Anton Betita,
Siena Wind Orchestra,
Marc Papeghin,
Artificial Insolence,
Stefan Norlin,
Matthew Beckham,
DraZ the WiZ,
Clément Picart,
and Azu.

The instructions of their installations are in the downloads.
Feel free to post any questions and comments. Thank you for listening!

Damn, I like what I hear in the youtube upload. It's so relaxing and peaceful. I also love the sorceress theme!

From what I hear, you seem to have stuck very close to the original melodies, not modifying them too much, if at all. I thank you for this; one of the things I hate about remixes is how often the composer will meddle with the melody for the sake of it. I never like that.

I'll be sure to install this mod the next time I play the game. Congratulations.

this is beautiful , especially 'breezy' just stunning soothing bliss


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