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Materia Music Mod v1.0
By: KoEnma

Hello and welcome!  I am here to present to you my very first mod ever, a complete overhaul and replacement of the ENTIRE FF7 soundtrack called the Materia Music Mod.  This mod aims to seamlessly replace every single music track used in the game, including the opening and ending tracks encoded into FMVs, with high quality, perfectly looped tracks taken from a diverse range of sources. The primary goal is to provide tracks that are faithful to the original soundtrack, features as many real live instruments (non midi) as possible, and uses as many tracks as possible from sources produced by Square or Nobuo Uematsu himself.  Tracks were meticulously looped, remastered for consistent volume across the board, and in some cases edited/cut/or tempo changed to fit with the original aesthetic of the tracks or loop properly. This mod also features a host of alternative tracks that can be put in at your leisure if you want a slightly different feel on certain songs. Tracks which the game does not use (comical.ogg, oa.ogg, fin.ogg) are not included and those which are encoded into the opening and ending FMVs are provided via upscaled video files using tracks from The Black Mages, Marc Papeghin and Satsuki's
HD FMV upscales.  I highly recommend pairing this mod with Satsuki's SYW mod. Lastly, a full track list and descriptive guide to alternatives is
Installation Guide:
 If using vanilla Steam version:

 - BACK UP YOUR DATA FOLDER FOUND AT SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data
 - Extract archive and copy music_ogg, movies, and lang-en folders to your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data folder.
 - Run the game and enjoy!

If using Satsuki's SYW Graphics Mod:

 - Extract archive and copy music_ogg to your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data folder.
 - Copy movies and lang-en to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\SYWV5\overid folder.
 - Run the game and enjoy!

*Only the english ending videos are supported for now.
Opening/Bombing Mission:

-Credits and Sources-

The Black Mages: Those Who Fight Further!, Opening/Bombing Mission, J-E-N-O-V-A, One Winged Angel

Distant Worlds: Aerith's Theme, Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, Jenova Complete, Cinco de Chocobo, The Prelude

Siena Wind Orchestra/Nobuo Uematsu: Shinra's Theme, Shinra's Full Scale Assault, Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony

FFVII Remake OST: Those Who Fight, Turk's Theme, Infiltrating Shinra, Don of the Slums, Wutai, The Oppressed, Descendant of Shinobi,Farm Boy, Costa del Sol, On Our Way, Electric de Chocobo, Anxious Heart, Flowers Blooming in the Church, Tifa's Theme, Gold Saucer, Mark of a Traitor, Dear to the Heart, Honeybee Inn, Lurking in the Darkness, Barett's Theme, Trail of Blood, On That Day, Five Years Ago

Final Symphony: Drowned Out by Fireworks

Dissidia NT OST: Birth of a God

Symphonic Remasters: Stolen Materia, Chasing the Black Caped Man, Waltz de Chocobo, Lifestream, It's Hard to Stand on Your Own Two Feet!, Desert Wasteland, Fiddle de Chocobo. Great Warrior Seto, Debut, Countdown, Mako Cannon C, Parade Fanfare, Game Over/Continue

Bitsymphony: If You Open Your Heart, Mining Town, Judgement Day, Cid's Theme, Underneath the Rotten Pizza, Mako Reactor, Hurry Up!

Marc Papeghin: Planet's Crisis (Ending)

Final Fan Tim: Red XIII's Theme, Mako Cannon A, Mako Cannon B, The Great Northern Cave, Who Am I?, Can You Hear the Cries of the Planet?, Cait Sith's Theme, Tango of Tears, A Great Success, Racing Chocobo Place Your Bets

Pati Rudisill: Reunion

Sean Schafianski (sschafi1): Launching a Dream Into Space, Weapon Raid, On the Other Side of the Mountain, Parochial Town, Steal the Tiny Bronco!,
The Nightmare Begins, Cosmo Canyon

Pontus Hultgren: The Highwind Takes Flight

Possumi: Victory Fanfare

TPR: From the Edge of Despair

JGS Music: Buried in Snow

Tins of bayt Productions: A Secret Hiding in the Deep Sea

Clement Picart: Forested Temple

London Music Works: Staff Roll

Carlo Nassar: Hurry!

Enrico Deiana and Matthew Wallace: Crazy Motorcycle Music

Did you search for and acquire permission to distribute all these songs? Simply attributing credit isn't enough.


--- Quote from: Bonez on 2021-04-19 07:54:38 ---Did you search for and acquire permission to distribute all these songs? Simply attributing credit isn't enough.

--- End quote ---

its no different than this mod:

which has not only been allowed to stay but been personally recommended by you and others, funny how all that works

I just know ReMusic and Carlucci's old music mods weren't allowed with out permission by the song's creators. Music and models always seemed to be the big no-no. Didn't the offending thing get taken out of that mod? If it still contains something it shouldn't, then fair enough. I didn't know.

Do they work on New Threat and Echo-S?


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