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Mod where someone redid all the field textures from scratch?


I could've sworn a few years ago there was a mod where someone redid all the field backgrounds/textures from scratch and it looked really cool. Does anyone know anything like that?

I think you're looking for Team Avalanche Fields which is included in the Fields Texture IRO in 7th Heaven

There is also jusete's fields which are more recent.

I'll give it a look, thanks for the info.!

EDIT: So I looked at it, these are just upscaled textures. I'm talking about completely original from the ground up textures.

This is the most up to date for the field recreations:

I recommend running the IRO through the PNG to DDS .IRO converter. Not only does it increase performance, it'll keep it from being overridden by other packages that use DDS since 7H will prioritize them over PNG. This lets you use the upscaled fields where ever the above package doesn't have a completed field. The upscales are good enough that there are very few fields where you notice a quality drop.

Nino's character files are really good on top of them, but I prefer Kaldarash's work still. Makes the entire game nearly match the style used in the higher quality CG cutscenes which is kind of my dream FF7 look, especially if you enable the new shadow effects in FFNx. 


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