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Cant open the executable for some reason of the portable 7th heaven 2.3. For the previous version with installation they work fine.

Can you please explain more with the problem of opening the executable?

If its a virus/security software block, as long as you have downloaded it from the github link or website then it is safe to use and you can bypass any virus warnings for it.

Well the 7th heaven window doesnt pop up after i click the .exe file only happens with portable version tho. Maybe it has something to do with my system setting i did mess around.

Anyway i currently playing on 2.2 version and not having any issue so far just basically want to try out the new version to see if theres an improvement so its not big of a deal.

Thanks for the reply.

I can't either friends, with the portable version, pressing the executable does nothing and I have to use the previous version.

Sorry about my level of English.


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