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L. Spiro:
There suddenly seems to be a vested interest in Final Fantasy® VII music, so what the hell.
I’ll post mine too.
The Nightmare’s Beginning
I originally intended this to be a simple piece that could loop as an MP3 the way the original would loop, so you could play during your game and it would sound normal.
But actually I never got to hear it in a good loop so I don’t know if it works that way (probably not).
It is just a simple piano piece.
I did not want to add the strings in the back and I did not want to deviate from the original.
Aeris’s Theme
I really hate Aeris’s Theme (all versions of it, including the original).
I did this by request from some girl years ago but I really hate drab boring slow boring drab boring songs.

/* === Not Final Fantasy® VII === */
Zeal Island
I just wanted to have the original CD version but with better sound quality.  I didn’t change anything; just stuck to the original but used higher-quality samples.

/* === Not even Squaresoft® === */
Rusty Bucket Bay
From Banjo & Kazooieâ„¢.  One of the later levels that no one has ever played (it seems).  Almost totally changed from the original.
Hip Swamp Hop
My personal favorite but probably not yours.  From Donkey Kong Countryâ„¢ 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.
From Donkey Kong Country™ 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.
Bramble Scramble
From Donkey Kong Country™ 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest.

I guess you don’t need music from Final Fantasy® VII in FF7Music.  These are just some game songs that may be fun to hear while blasting baddies.

L. Spiro

apz freak:
Actually I've played Banjo Kazooie :P I'm not sure quite why... but why not eh?

Nice man. Brings back memories!


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