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That's great to hear that progress is being made.  I can't wait for anything relating to the summons!!!

Awesome news regarding the chrono cross models.  At some point in time I had acquired a bunch of the models, but it was only accessible through running a blender script and i believe spit out a bunch of obj files of each frame of an animation without texture mapping.

WHoa!!! this is awesome just what I've been looking for!! Thank you so much for all the work thus far!

This doesn't by chance have the capability of viewing the summon models does it?

Ahhh things should be good, I was able to figure out where the files were located...Does anybody know if this approach works for FF9 summons?

First off I would  like to thank all of the hard work that people have put into this endeavor!!!

  Sorry that I'm getting into this a little bit late, but I was wondering if anyone has had any success with extracting these models from the steam files.  So far I've been able to pull out most all of the "Standard" and "Alternative" GFs using the scripts provided above.  However I'm a little unclear on how to determine the lengths of models and or where to start looking for them.

Mainly when looking at ff8.exe,
While their textures are in the archives, those summons' models are in FF8.exe.
For the English 1.2, both non-Geforce and Geforce:
  • Phoenix: 0xDB537C
  • MiniMog: 0x112BC04
  • Carbuncle: 0xCB6F94
  • Tonberry: 0x1147514
These are "normal" GF models.
You may need to increase imageCount in the script in order to have all the UVs preserved.

I can locate them, but I don't know how to identify how much data to copy out to run the python script for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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