Author Topic: [FF7PC-Switch] Anxious Heart A04 LayeredFS  (Read 3657 times)


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[FF7PC-Switch] Anxious Heart A04 LayeredFS
« on: 2019-04-06 19:27:52 »
Here's Anxious Heart A04 by DLPB repackaged for Switch LayeredFS.

To use, Unzip, pick which selection of tracks you want (or mix & match), and move the 0100A5B00BDC6000 folder into the layeredFS folder on your SD card depending on your Switch CFW

for Atmosphere, it should be SD:/Atmosphere/Titles

for ReiNX, it should be SD:/ReiNX/Titles

for SXOS, you are ferning stupid and any questions relating to SXOS will only be met with more insults.  Go fern yourselves.

So the full filepath should be something like SD:/ReiNX/Titles/0100A5B00BDC6000/romfs/ff7/workingdir/data/music_ogg/whatever.ogg

refer all questions related to the actual mod to DLPB, and questions related to the Switch can be sent to me; it might be easier to reach me on the Qhimm Discord.

EDIT: and I'll get to A05 at another time, A04 is just what I had at hand
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