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-Basic features-
Spoiler: show- Reconstructed scenes
- True Honey Bee Inn is back (soon in english)
- Fixed bugs and glitches
- Special menu, for example here you can change from classic graphics to HD
- New battles and sidequest
- Extension of some events
- Characters have passive abilities, and something else
- Huge amount of secrets, but sometimes it won't do just to explore
- My new soundtrack which is the music with FF8 "Sound Font" (experimental)
- Attribute rebalancing
-Integrated difficulty modes
- New objects, matters, key items..
- Leaders in their own history
- Other modes, minigames, guide...
- And long etc :-[


-Page official-

Spoiler: show
TurBoss (installer/launcher/programming concepts)
Mystare (Makou Reactor)
nfitc (ProudClod/Wallmarket) /
Aali (opengl)
L. Spiro (Memory Hacking Tool)
Satsuki (Upscaled fields)
NinoStyle (Fields models HD)
TrueOdin (FFNx)
Martin (7thHeaven/Tsunamods)
Borde (Kimera)
titeguy3 (White Chocobo)
Sega Chief (Battle documentation/fix issues)
luksy (touphscript)
[email protected] (True Honey Bee Inn layers fix)
Villodres (Game testing)
Joaquin (Game testing)
Sacepi (Honey Bee Inn english version)
Jusete (3D fields/fix issues)
Jesulito (Documentation/fix issues)
Bonez (alternative avatars)
DLPB (Ochu/fix issues)
Shampignon (Alternative maps)
Panteleimon (Base alternative font)
Bosola (Limit break editor)
EQ2Alyza (support issues help)
ficedula (documentation)
sl1982 (documentation)
Traducciones XT (This inspired me for retranslation)

Thanks! :)

Very long work to make the scene, much hours.

Use somes conditionals, set to bit, gamemoment, and others...

I create location in this coordenate and new field model for finish the event, assign variable and ask question with options, only can open with valid combination, in case failed process broken the machine.

This event have two possible endings  ;D

Sorry for english, byee

Use meteor for see positions of locations.

1. You can't get back to the elevator because I ran out of variables, the way is disabled with Triangle ID.
2. When a character is following Cloud it can generate some problems, because this is a WIP, I will fix it if I can.

Qui mana if only used by the programmer, is not for player.


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