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I'm streaming this project right now on my twitch page. Currently doing my font creation. You are all welcome to join in! :)

Project update!

All capital and small letters along with their accent symbols done! Now what is left for the fonts is to revise the special characters and create Greek words for "Slot", "Memory", "Card" etc.. I also need to edit the png files to translate them into the Greek language.

Last progress update here:

Aavock is cool dude! Whatever you want from me man!


--- Quote from: LeonhartGR on 2014-08-03 19:48:44 ---Aavock is cool dude! Whatever you want from me man!

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I watched a bit of the video -- did you guys make more progress?  There are still parts that are bleeding from what I see... some of your text is too tall and going up into the bottom of the other text now (mainly your lower case letters). But it looks like things are getting better!


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