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What is this?
This will eventually be a complete in-game replacement soundtrack for Final Fantasy 7.  All tracks are composed by the very talented Enrico Deiana and looped/edited by me.  Enrico is from Italy and enjoys creating video game music remakes as well as original works.  Many of his remakes have become very popular on YouTube.  I was fascinated by his music and reached out to him to see if we could collaborate on bringing his music to a new audience (the modding community) and inside the game.  With Enrico's permission and oversight, we're doing just that.  Some tracks will even have multiple versions to select from!

What does the music sound like?
Check out these and other tracks on Enrico's YouTube channel:
Opening - Bombing Mission:
The Chase (Crazy Motorcycle):
One-Winged Angel:

Technical Details:
-All tracks are created directly from original lossless WAV files.
-They are saved as high-quality 48 kHz OGG Vorbis files with a quality setting of 7 (a nod to the game).
-This setting means a variable bitrate between 224 kbps and 256 kbps which sounds better than an MP3 at the equivalent bitrate.  This is significantly higher than most people store their own music collections and is a good balance of quality vs. file size.
-Loops are created by ear and are not necessarily "bit perfect".
-Loops are created to best showcase Enrico's vision of the track; some loop points may be different than the game's OST.

Current Status=38/94 Tracks (40%) Complete
(Progress tallied up as long as at least 1 version of a track exists)
Spoiler: show
[pre.ogg] The Prelude=Complete
[boo.ogg] Lifestream=Incomplete
[over2.ogg] Continue=Complete
[bat.ogg] Let the Battles Begin!=Work in Progress
[(option 2) bat.ogg] Let the Battles Begin! (FF8 Liberi Fatali Tribute)=Complete
[chu.ogg] Fight On!=Complete
[fan2.ogg] Fanfare (FF7 Style)=Complete
[(option 2) fan2.ogg] Fanfare (Series Tribute)=Complete
[oa.ogg/opening.avi] Opening (FMV)=Complete
[ob.ogg] Bombing Mission=Complete
[makoro.ogg] Mako Reactor=Complete
[kurai.ogg] Anxiety=Complete
[tm.ogg] On That Day, Five Years Ago...=Complete
[tifa.ogg] Tifa's Theme=Complete
[yado.ogg] Good Night, Until Tomorrow=Complete
[barret.ogg] Barret's Theme=Complete
[aseri.ogg] Hurry!=Complete
[ayasi.ogg] Lurking in the Darkness=Complete
[sinra.ogg] Shinra, Inc=Complete
[earislo.ogg] Flowers Blooming in the Church=Complete
[rhythm.ogg] Turks' Theme=Complete
[dokubo.ogg] Under the Rotting Pizza=Complete
[rocket.ogg] The Oppressed=Incomplete
[bee.ogg] Honeybee Inn=Incomplete
[comical.ogg] Honeybee Inn Part 2=Incomplete
[yume.ogg] Who... Are You?=Complete
[corneo.ogg] Don of the Slums=Incomplete
[earis.ogg] Aerith's Theme=Complete
[gun.ogg] Shinra's Full-Scale Assault=Incomplete
[sinraslo.ogg] Infiltrating Shinra=Incomplete
[red.ogg] Red XIII's Theme=Incomplete
[horror.ogg] Trail of Blood=Incomplete
[chase.ogg] The Chase=Complete
[tender.ogg] Dear to the Heart=Incomplete
[ta.ogg] Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII=Incomplete
[tb.ogg] Main Theme (2nd half only)=Incomplete
[mati.ogg] On Our Way=Incomplete
[cintro.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (loop)=Complete
[nointro.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (no intro)=Complete
[cephiros.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (full)=Complete
[bokujo.ogg] Farm Boy=Incomplete
[walz.ogg] Waltz de Chocobo=Incomplete
[elec.ogg] Electric de Chocobo=Incomplete
[cinco.ogg] Cinco de Chocobo=Incomplete
[(option) cinco.ogg] Chocobo Theme Series Tribute=Complete
[dun2.ogg] In Search of the Man in Black=Incomplete
[condor.ogg] Fort Condor=Incomplete
[yufi.ogg] Descendant of Shinobi=Incomplete
[parade.ogg] Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony=Incomplete
[fanfare.ogg] Parade Fanfare=Incomplete
[sido.ogg] It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet!=Incomplete
[chu2.ogg] J-E-N-O-V-A=Complete
[costa.ogg] Costa del Sol=Incomplete
[sadbar.ogg] Mark of a Traitor=Incomplete
[corel.ogg] Mining Town=Incomplete
[gold1.ogg] Gold Saucer=Complete
[aseri2.ogg] Hurry Up!=Incomplete
[odds.ogg] Win/Place/Show Chocobo!=Incomplete
[fiddle.ogg] Fiddle de Chocobo=Incomplete
[crwin.ogg] Jackpot!=Incomplete
[crlost.ogg] Tango of Tears=Incomplete
[ketc.ogg] Cait Sith's Theme=Incomplete
[mogu.ogg] The Highwind Takes to the Skies (short)=Incomplete
[rukei.ogg] Desert Wasteland=Incomplete
[canyon.ogg] Cosmo Canyon=Complete
[seto.ogg] The Great Warrior=Incomplete
[vincent.ogg] The Nightmare Begins=Complete
[sid2.ogg] Cid's Theme=Complete
[sadsid.ogg] Launching a Dream into Space=Incomplete
[jyro.ogg] Steal the Tiny Bronco!=Incomplete
[yufi2.ogg] Stolen Materia=Incomplete
[utai.ogg] Wutai=Complete
[geki.ogg] Debut=Incomplete
[date.ogg] Words Drowned By Fireworks=Complete
[jukai.ogg] Forested Temple=Incomplete
[hen.ogg] Who... Am I?=Incomplete
[mura1.ogg] Provincial Town=Incomplete
[iseki.ogg] Listen to the Cries of the Planet=Complete
[snow.ogg] Buried in Snow=Incomplete
[kita.ogg] The North Cave=Complete
[mekyu.ogg] Reunion=Incomplete
[weapon.ogg] Attack of the Weapon=Incomplete
[hiku.ogg] Highwind Takes to the Skies=Incomplete
[junon.ogg] From the Edge of Despair=Incomplete
[guitar2.ogg] Other Side of the Mountain=Incomplete
[sea.ogg] Secret of the Deep Sea=Incomplete
[ro.ogg] Countdown=Incomplete
[siera.ogg] Open Your Heart=Incomplete
[cannon.ogg] Mako Cannon=Incomplete
[riku.ogg] The Destruction of Shinra (part 1)=Incomplete
[si.ogg] The Destruction of Shinra (part 2)=Incomplete
[ld.ogg] Judgment Day=Incomplete
[pj.ogg] Jenova Complete=Complete
[lb1.ogg] Birth of a God=Complete
[lb2.ogg] One-Winged Angel=Complete
[fin.ogg] The Planet's Crisis=Incomplete
[roll.ogg] Ending Credits=Incomplete

How do I get it?
There is currently a public preview of the mod, available in the Mods of the Round catalog (included with 7th Heaven 2.0).

When fully completed, this should be available in several formats such as:
-We're proud and excited to say this will be a music pack option in the impressive Echo-S mod!
-Single file IRO that works best with 7th Heaven 2.0.
-A standard .zip file containing just OGG and movie files that you extract to your FF7 game's music and movies folders.

Enrico Deiana - Composer
Donate w/ PayPal:

Mathew Wallace - Mixing, Mastering
E-mail: [email protected]

unab0mb - Editing, Looping, Testing, Mod Creation
Qhimm Forums:
I can also be found lurking on Discord chat rooms with Qhimm, EDMusic, and Tsunamods

Special Thanks:
Chrysalis, LordUrQuan, Strife98, Tsunamix - Testing

Strife98 - Stream Host

Tsunamix/Tsunamods - Inclusion in Echo-S
Qhimm Forums:

Satsuki Yatoshi- Upscaled Intro Video
Qhimm Forums:

Daniel L P Burke (DLPB) - Useful FixLoop Program
Qhimm Forums:

Final Fantasy Wiki - Track Names and Descriptions

I've been listening to these tracks and I've gotta say I think these are the best remakes I've heard so far. They capture the original, including a certain punchiness that other remakes seem to miss. I really, really like these.


--- Quote from: jasmer on 2019-11-12 12:36:19 ---I've been listening to these tracks and I've gotta say I think these are the best remakes I've heard so far. They capture the original, including a certain punchiness that other remakes seem to miss. I really, really like these.

--- End quote ---
I agree with you completely. They seem to stay true to the heart of the originals in most ways with some added flair from Enrico.  They sound fuller and I like his arrangements.  This is why I thought his music would be a great candidate for a mod to use in game.  While they're great and I appreciate the work put into them, I'm not a huge fan of changing the genre, like an all heavy metal music mod or something.

Updated post with information about the live stream on March 1st and how you can get an early preview of the mod!

Hi unab0mb,

Enrico's musics are wonderful, and I'm wondering if I might be allowed to create and distribute [Free of charge, of course] a music pack for The Reunion, which is not compatible with Seventh Heaven and uses different music file names.

I'm interested in using the Those Who Fight music from the FF7 Remake, plus pretty much every piece that Enrico has made that can be made to loop. I would not publish such a thing without some kind of acknowledgement from Enrico though. Copyright lawyers can be scary!

Do you know how he can be contacted?


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