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Title: ATTN: FF7 MODDERS Quick Questions.
Post by: sithlord48 on 2021-10-10 12:44:55
Hi Everyone I just have some questions about what you all working on, So i can decide what i want to work on  :wink:

0. What Version of FF7 are you modding ? (PC97 / PSX / Steam / Switch ... )

1. What Kinds  Mods are you working on (Conversion, Models, Kernel,  Text, etc... )

2. What Tools are you currently using to make your mods?

3. Where do these tools fail for you ?

4. What tools do you need ?

Title: Re: ATTN: FF7 MODDERS Quick Questions.
Post by: markul on 2021-10-13 16:42:25
Hi! ;)
0- PC (7th Heaven)
1-Now, a little of all (models, flevel,kernel,battle,texts,backgrounds,etc)
2-Makou Reactor ,Kimera and Proud Clod , are the tools that i use more ,right now.
3-Mmmmm With Makou Reactor i dont have problems. Proud Clod   the only problem that has ,for me, its the script editor, its too easy that the program has an error exception and lose my last changes :( . Kimera has his limitations but for the things that i do, i dont have many problems with it.
4- Hmmm. For example: when i make new field models(to add it in char.lgp), i must rename all the files manually, to others that dont exist in char.lgp ,and edit the text of that files to put the new name of the files. A tool that can made this automatic, for me, it would be very useful :_D