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So I just started doing this cause FF VIII is my fav game ever. I know about the "Tripod v1.1" by Mcindus.
Love that you made a remake but I just want the cards "my way" and not only filtered.

So this is a project I will be working on for some time now, starting from bottom monsters the Geezard. Know the spine is a bet messed up but I'm not finished either.

And Diablo today :)

Nice! I've been working on a similar project but got tired due to the fact that it is almost impossible to get a perfect monster match with the original card.

Here's the first serie (cards_0) I did last year if you want to take a look and compare:

Maybe we can team up and finish this thing! :mrgreen:

Now then :D I've fixed some cards (won't reveal them yet) But this is how Geezard looks ingame and a version I made for the cards backside.




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