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This mod has been completed!
Find it here:

Hey everyone - I figured I'd post a teaser to show off some of my work on the GF's in FF8

Here's my current progress:

Overhauled (Has some sort of custom texture added)
Ifrit, Shiva, Siren, Brothers, Leviathan, Quezacotl, Carbuncle, Cactuar
Custom Upscales (Upscaled, Color/light/exposure Treatment)
Diablos, Bahamut, Alexander, Tonberry, Odin, Gilgamesh, Cerberus, Phoenix, Pandemona

Needs More Work: (Progress Updated)
Phoenix, Odin, Gilgamesh, Cerberus, Pandemona, Cactuar, Carbuncle, Eden, Doomtrain, Fat Chocobo, MiniMog, Moomba, and Angelo

Here's some sample screenshots - Enjoy!

Absolutely gorgeous, can't wait my gosh I love Siren in particular, but they are all very good. BTW I recently downloaded project horizon 3.0. Thank you so much for all your hard work!  :)

Sorry non-topic related rant incoming:

I know a lot of people hate on ff8 because 7 was so good but I think other than the draw magic system everything else was really quite good about the game. Once I got the hang of junctioning I kind of liked it,  though it isn't balanced at all. I loved the characters, the story, the absolutely amazing music(honestly even a better soundtrack than 7, and 7's was a masterpiece), the graphics for the time were amazing. Sorry kinda going off on a tangent, but I love the fact that people still love this game enough to this day to make it better for all of us. Kinda speaks to the quality of the games back then, maybe I'm just getting old but a lot of the games today have the depth of a puddle. The only game I've come close to 100%ing  in the last few years are Witcher 3(still have to do the dlc kinda wore myself out on the game doing every single little thing I could find) and Mass effect 2, and Persona 4.

Maybe some of this is nostalgia, but I loved 7 and 8 as a kid, and the first time I played 9 I think I was a bit too young, but when I played it again a few years later I really loved it as well until disc 3 and 4. Disc 3 and 4 had a lot of amazing side content but there were pacing issues for me, it felt like a series of dungeons with no town exploration between. Hell I even liked some aspects of 10, but I felt it was at 10 where the series really started to branch off into a different approach that just didn't draw me in like the previous games had.


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