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Graphical Update Mod (GUM)

Recently I started replaying FFVIII, which was one of my favorite old games. I downloaded it on Steam and, considering that I'm a programmer myself and absolutely love modding Skyrim, I was happy to realize that people were modding FFVIII as well.

Until now, I basically 'hi-jacked' the thread [FF8PC-Steam] Batch extraction of backgrounds but at this point feel it is time to start my own thread since my posts clearly no longer belong there. I have no idea how far I will take this project or if it will even get finished. I have completed a lot of work so far though and certainly feel it is doable and at least I can try to make all the graphics seamlessly work together with a new HD feel. I will begin with the backgrounds, but my hope is to redo all the in-game graphics so that it's all one package and just 'feels the same'.

As I'm sure you can tell from the title, I am currently calling this mod 'GUM' (I just came up with it, so it may/may not be temporary). The point of this thread is simply to keep people up to date with where I am and what I'm doing and also to hopefully get some feedback or even help from time to time from those more experienced with modding Final Fantasy games. I also consider it a 'diary' thread regarding the project's progress. So far, there have been a few people who have helped direct me in one way or another and I'd also like a thread like this to help keep track of those people so that I can add their names to a 'notable mention' list or 'contributors list', which may be helpful if this project ever actually gets completed.

A few people who currently come to mind are SaintBahamut, Yagami Light, and last but certainly not least - satsuki, who was kind enough to send me a rather lengthy and detailed pm regarding his own process.
Example comparision of the currently expected state of the images produced for this project:

Spoiler: showOriginal Image

Project Image

Yagami Light:
Looks great, looking forward to seeing the others

Sample Video with a couple of screen updates

One of the screens unexpectedly had some of it's graphics overwritten by other textures which I clearly haven't altered yet.

Youtube Video - Preview 002

Altered a couple more screens, and as suggested by LeonhartGR, I also sharpened the graphics more in the Training Center.

Thanks for the effort mate. I will give it a try!


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