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[FF8] Upscaling and remastering the FMVs


I've been using AI Gigapixel to upscale some cutscenes and stuff. I started upscaling the PS1 FF8 opening, then realised the original PC version has higher res FMV, so used those instead. I like the PC one a lot more, but certain scots, particularly the flower field look better on PS1. So I figured I would blend the 2 versions to make the ultimate version of the opening.

It's not as simple as it would seem though. The colour saturation is higher on PSX and the image is a slightly different aspect ratio... hard to explain.

Anyway, here's a comparison of the results

PC Version upscaled



The green line down the right edge is in the PC version until about halfway through the cutscene. I'll have to figure that out. Also, I may manually redraw some of the edges, since there are a lot of weirdly jagged edges. Its actually surprising how bad the CG renders are at times.


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