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SeeDReborn v4.1 half the textures not working? <Solved>

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S'up guys, quick problem here that I hope its easy to solve (well, I hope)
I've installed the SeeDReborn v4.1 that was recently posted here. The Tonberry v2.04 and Microsoft Visual C++ are all installed and updated, but theres something wrong going on...

Below is a print of the menu screen, the navigator did not change to the gunblade one. LV, HP and their values, Play Time, SeeD rank and Gil did not changed as well.

Most of the new icons did not change in the print below

In-battle you can see the damage's value did not change, only the characters names and the command action/options.

Even the in-battle HP values ​​(like the menu ones) did not change

I did everything that instructed in the mod's post, copyed and pasted the "texture" folder to FFVIII root, alongside tonberry and some other mods (as you can see in the prints, I modded their clothes and the 3D character face on menu and its working correctly)

Hello!  This may be due in part to the indexing of the pngs listed in /ic/iconflmaster/  -- do you have photoshop?  If so, could you open the images from the iconflmaster section and see if any of them are 'background' layers that are locked?  If so, they need to be saved as a png with transparency, and this should fix the issue.  If these files look fine, then there may be an issue with the hashmap file I provided with the mod.  Do you have the right hashmap file in your tonberry/hashmap file for the Spanish version?  Can you try a different save that is on a different disc and let me know if the issue persists?

I've opened the iconflmaster_13 and iconflmaster_15 with photoshop and both have a transparent background (tried putting a black background in a layer below and it looks fine)
Strange that the _13 have modded only 1/4 the img, but maybe its necessary to make it work, I don't know



Tried a new game and the problem still remains.
I'm using a translated data to portuguese from Brazil overwriting the lang_en so I'm using the mod's english hashmap on FINAL FANTASY VIII\tonberry\hashmap

You could enable debug mode for tonberry and see which images are not being replaced then post the relevant ones here, and then he can get the hash and check the map to see if it's missing.

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Oh, I can do that? I'll check the files on the Tonberry folder and follow its tutorial. I'll try sending the info here.

Played for a while trying to trigger the scenes where the textures didnt worked, don't know if its relevant but the ones that showed up on noreplace folder thats similar to iconflmaster_13 and iconflmaster_15 were:

1633.bmp (they all look the same)

1599.bmp (same story here)


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